I would like to take this opportunity to thank the Otsego Board of Education. At the board meeting on
June 8, the board stated that the decision has been made to construct a central campus.
While this may not be a decision that everyone in the district is pleased with, it is a decision that
will take our kids into the 21st century – where they will be able to utilize state-of-the-art learning
materials in a state-of-the-art facility. This decision will put our children in facilities that are
more accessible for our students with physical and developmental disabilities. This decision will let
our elementary teachers easily collaborate with each other for new and innovative ideas on a daily
basis. This decision will allow all our supplies and equipment to be more easily shared than in
different buildings. In the end, this decision will allow us all to remember that we are Otsego, not
just four separate towns.
While this decision is going to bring changes to our district, we need to keep in mind that change isn’t
always a negative thing. Class sizes will not increase. In fact it will be easier to keep classes even
with all of the children being at one site. Our children will have the opportunity to begin
kindergarten, or even preschool, with the classmates that they will eventually graduate with down the
road. Moreover, new school facilities generally attract homebuyers to a district.
We all need to remember that this decision is taking our children – and the next generation – into the
future. Our current buildings are unable to provide for this. By keeping this whole situation as
positive as possible, this central campus will demonstrate to all of the Otsego students that they are
truly our most valuable asset. And for that, I thank the Otsego Board of Education.
Mary Gase
Plain Township