Dear fellow residents of Bowling Green and Wood County.
There is a lot of quiet here and now concerning the BGSU Ice Arena and Falcon hockey. Please do not be
lulled into thinking that this will all work our nicely. It’s not that easy.
Admittedly there is not much we ordinary citizens can do. However, if you wish to support the Ice Arena
and all of the programs and activities there, we must make and keep Falcon hockey viable.
This can be done by purchasing season tickets for the upcoming season. This is the strongest way to show
support for all things at the Ice Arena.
Please remember that without Falcon hockey, it will not be long that BGSU will not need the building or
its many activities.
The end of the Ice Arena would be a huge step back for community and county.
Please contact the ticket office today, 419-372-2762.
Mark Pape
Bowling Green