Transfers: 6-11


The following property transfers have been filed through the Wood County Real Estate Division.
June 4
¥ 26443 Carronade Dr., Perrysburg, residential, from Joel A. and Shelby D. Wiskochil, to Anand A. and
Sanjana A. Brahme, $245,000.
¥ 616 Hart Ave., Fostoria, residential, from Christina V. Bishop, executor of the Andrea Kurcan estate,
to Gao Yang Enterprise Inc., $37,000.
¥ 17735 Hammansburg Road, Cygnet, residential, from Beth Bowers, to Deutsche Bank National Trust Co.,
¥ 1830 E. Freedom Dr., Northwood, residential, from James D. Price III, et. al., by Wood County Sheriff,
to Liquidation Properties Inc., $136,000.
¥ 9051 Custar Road, Custar, residential, from Kenneth P. and Anna K. Heishman, by Wood County Sheriff, to
Nationstar Mortgage LLC, $42,281.
¥ 236 S. Grove St., Bowling Green, residential, from Luke and Amanda Suter, to Jennifer Iler, $115,000.

¥ 120 N. Bates St., North Baltimore, residential, from U.S. Bank National Assoc., to Michael J. and
Cheryl Firsdon, $51,000.
¥ 11220 E. Kramer Road, Bowling Green, residential, from Mathew and Katharine Manley, to Ben and Alicia
Fry, $245,900.
¥ 400 E. Truman Ave. Bowling Green, residential, from Gary J. and Jacquelyn A. Riggers, to Julie
Leizerman, $187,000.
June 3
¥ 29186 Belmont Farm Road, Perrysburg, residential, from Alan G. and Cindy Craig, to Kevin V. Crots,
¥ 391 Wolf Creek Court, Northwood, residential, from Terry N. and Lori A. Ferguson, to Dawnelle R. and
Ryan M. Kelly, $212,000.
¥ 227 E. Broadway St., North Baltimore, residential, from Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corp., by Wood
County Sheriff, to Steven A. Studer, $44,800.
¥ 4275 Morgan Place, Perrysburg, residential, from Louisville Title Agency for Northwest Ohio Inc. as
trustee, to Michael A. Graham, $40,900.
¥ 26428 Whitewater Dr., Perrysburg, building lot, from McCarthy Builders Inc., to Rudy A. and Joyce A.
Santibanez, $39,800.
¥ 30692 Tracy Road, Walbridge, industrial, 10.44 acres, from Carroll Co., to Malcom W. Carroll, $1.3
June 2
¥ 1867 Wood Hole Road, Perrysburg, residential, from Gregory M. and Heather L.

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