BRADNER – Coin collectors hoping to find specific pieces, and investors wanting to accumulate more
wealth, have an established shop in a new location to meet their needs.
John F. Schulte has moved Luckey Coins & Commodities from its former location to 102 Crocker St.
in Bradner. The business was incorporated and formed in October, 2006. Schulte said even though he moved
the business to Bradner from Luckey, its name and phone number stayed the same.
Eleven months after opening Luckey Coins & Commodities, Schulte purchased the former bank
building in Bradner with the hope he could persuade a financial institution to move into it. None did.

While Luckey and Bradner are similar in size, Schulte reflected the Bradner site "is a very nice
building, very efficient and conducive for what I’m trying to do. … This gives me room to grow and a
very professional setting."
He moved his business to Bradner in March and has been very pleased with the community’s response.
Luckey Coins & Commodities is a full-service coin shop, buying and selling American coinage and
currency. Schulte also buys gold and silver bullion.
"I’ve been in the coin business for five years and enjoy it thoroughly," he stated.
But Schulte does more than deal in coins. "I am a fee-based financial consultant. I am also a
commodity trader, not only silver and gold but other (items) as well, corn, beef, wheat. I have an
excellent contact in Chicago I use for that purpose."
Loyal clients from Toledo, Ottawa Hills and Sylvania are making the drive to Bradner. "The people
are coming here for my financial advice. … I’m proud to sit here and own it."
Schulte estimated 75 percent of his business is financial consulting and 25 percent coin-oriented,
"but I’m finding more and more there aren’t too many coin dealers left."
While coins are a business for Schulte, "it’s more of an avocation than vocation, but I hope to make
it a business on its own." He also hopes to attract more buyers. "Coin collecting is a dying
hobby. I’d like the novice and the professional coin collector as well. … I take pride that if any
category of coin dealer needs something I can get it through my contacts in the coin industry. … I
think that’s important. I have a special knack for Indian head pennies and silver dollars."
He encourages local and area residents to look through their cigar boxes and collections to sort out
coins from 1964 and before which should have a higher amount of silver in them.
"I stand ready and willing to buy them at any time." Schulte added, "I believe my
inventory is quality. People who have done business with me have found I pay top dollar."
Schulte comes to his work with experience as a banker (1977-1981), stock broker (1981-1994) and an
entrepreneur since 1995.
While he is at the business Monday through Friday from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. for financial consulting, the
coin portion of the business is open 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. Monday through Friday, and 10 a.m. to noon on
Saturdays. The shop’s number is (419) 833-2500.