To the Editor: BGSU president is urged to take a salary cut


The new president at BGSU does not seem to have the best interest of the university in her plans. Laying
off personnel, especially the classified staff, is not going to solve the problems with money. The
classified staff live in the area and this has been their bread and butter for many years and they will
still be here long after she is gone. Most of the administrative staff is the same way. She is not from
this area, and she will not re-retire here, so she could care less.
If she was so worried about money, why not give up her salary since she is already getting a retirement
check from the state. Also, why did she take the $75,000 increase in pay knowing there was going to be a
budget crunch? Seems to me she is a greedy person. She could take a salary of $50,000 in good faith and
still be able to live comfortable. She is living in a home that is paid for by the university, the
utilities are paid for, she has a university car, and personnel paid for by the university to clean, do
her laundry etc. and an entertainment budget. What expenses could she possibility have except her
personal food and clothing expenses. Seems to me she needs to get her priorities straight when it comes
to the budget and money.
Also, why raise room and board when the economy is in such bad shape. Would it not be better to get the
cost down for the students to fill up the residence halls and get the students to come to BGSU? If you
keep raising costs, there will be no way the students or parents can afford this cost.
Does Dr. Cartwright really need $375,000 to live on? She could have saved at least 3 classified jobs, if
she had not been so greedy to take the additional money. And better yet, if she had not taken the huge
salary she could have saved more jobs.
As for changes she recently made at the administrative level: Did Ms. Sloan-Latta get a raise? Did the
others that got promotions get a raise?
From what I have read, Dr. Cartwright has done nothing wonderful for the university since she started
last year. Dr. Ribeau did wonderful things for the university, always turning his raises down and
returning them back to the university if he was given one. Dr. Cartwright might consider this instead of
being such a greedy person.
I’m sorry to say, but I think the board of trustees could have picked a better person to be in charge of
such a great university. I have a daughter that graduated from there and she will not give any money to
the university as long as she is there.
Janet Williams
Frisco, Texas

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