To the Editor: BG man offers his views on Israeli-Palestinian dispute


Rob Vincent writes to complain about Palestine’s refusal to recognize the state of Israel. Perhaps Mr.
Vincent would be so kind as to share with us why Palestine should be so inclined. Mr. Vincent notes
Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu’s refusal to openly endorse the creation of a Palestinian state.
On one hand we have Israel, who has their state, and Palestine, who was there when the Jews decided God
owed the land to them, who does not. So Mr. Vincent is in a tissy over the fact the Palestine does not
recognize the Israeli state.
Keeping in mind, that never before has any tribe demanded land based on a historical record. (a very poor
one at that) The Jews present the bible (a book written by their forefathers) as evidence of clear deed
to the property. Imagine if the Native Americans did the same. They at least have actual proof that they
were the actual settlers of this land when our forefathers took it from them.
On the other hand, there is not a shred of evidence that the Jews ever controlled Israel. We know, thanks
to the Armana letters, that Egypt actually controlled the land, by and through vassals, during the time
the Israelites are said to occupy the land.
As for: "anti-Jewish propaganda", is Mr. Vincent aware of how the Jews refer to the
Palestinians? Archaeologists in Gaza are currently debunking another Jewish tale. It turns out the
Palestinians were actually far more sophisticated than our Jewish story tellers would lead us to
Mr. Vincent, like so many other Americans, is absolutely clueless when it comes to the Israel/Palestine
conflict. The truth is buried under tons of religious rhetoric, designed to convince the citizens of
America that the Jews of Israel are God’s chosen people, and the Palestinians are children of the devil.

Wise up America, the people of Israel don’t like you. They never did and never will. The bible says they
killed your messiah, and the Vatican II has not changed that. Forgiving and forgetting only works when
both sides do it. The Jews refuse and France was excommunicated for not playing along.
So Israel calls our shots for us, and Americans, like Mr. Vincent, climb aboard the band wagon, which
incidentally carries millions and millions of America’s desperately needed tax dollars, to Israel. It’s
simply not right. We owe nothing to Israel, and the time has come for this nonsense to stop!
John Miller
Jackson Street
Bowling Green

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