Around noon on Tuesday the posh Levis Commons center was
briefly taken over by men and women wearing period clothing, as well as their supporters. It never
struck me before, but if you want passerby to pay attention to you, it’s much easier if you decide to
dress like an infantryman, wool coat and all. SEE MORE
Right at noon, the protesters played dead. One of them mentioned to me it’s much
easier to play dead when you lay on your stomach, as the sun isn’t as strong in your eyes. I guess that
would be a valuable skill to have, if one just happens to be in the middle of a war zone and needs to
act like they aren’t living for a few hours.
Some more signs being held.
Rick Finch (left) talks about the problems facing Ft. Meigs and other historical sites in
I can only imagine how hot it is wearing all wool when it’s over 80 degrees.
Yes, it wasn’t in the winter months, and yes, I hit the button like I was supposed to, and
even waited 10 seconds, but, alas, no water came forth. Who really thinks that "delayed water
action" is a good idea, anyway?