County commissioners and media tour newly painted jail

In a cost cutting effort Sheriff Mark Wasylyshyn had the inmates paint the inside of the Wood
County Justice Center. Officials said the jail had not been painted since it was built back in 1991.
County Editor Jan Larson, myself and Fox Toledo television station got a first hand look at the newly
painted jail. County commissioners Tim Brown, Jim Carter and Wood County Administrator Andrew Kalmar
also tagged along. SEE MORE
After emptying all of our belongs out of our pockets such as keys and cell phones the sheriff
briefed us on the work the inmates have been doing inside the jail over the past few months.
The sheriff directed us to two doors.
Once inside the small holding area we had to wait for the door behind us to lock before the
second door would open which took us inside the main area of the jail.
County Commissioner Tim Brown stepped inside a jail cell to view the new paint.
Wood County Deputy Tom Ferguson was quick to point out the skill the inmates used to paint
straight lines on the walls.
Deputy Ferguson escorts us through yet another solid door.
Deputy Ferguson explains the color scheme they used pointing out that yellow was
The entire tour lasted about 20 minutes.

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