A Bowling Green man has been arrested for pilfering quarters from local newspaper boxes.
Timothy Miller, 34, of West Evers Avenue, was charged with tampering with coin machines – after he was
arrested on an outstanding warrant dating to 2006.
Perrysburg Township Police stopped Miller on May 29, and a background check showed Bowling Green police
had an outstanding warrant for him for assault. Township police arrested Miller, charged him with
falsification and possession of criminal tools, and transported him to the county jail.
Since then, Miller has time served for the falsification charge, and the possession charge was dismissed.
However, he remains at the jail on $15,000 bond, and will appear in Bowling Green Municipal Court on
Monday on the tampering charge.
Miller was identified for the tampering incidents with the help of a security video taken at Newman’s
Marathon, 525 N. Main St. The video, shot May 25 at 11:28 p.m., showed Miller picking the lock on the
Sentinel-Tribune newspaper box, then using the stolen quarters to purchase a beverage from a pop machine
at the business.
Scott Newman identified Miller as a frequent customer. He also told police several of his employees had
chatted with Miller weeks ago, when the suspect came to the business looking for an old windshield wiper
blade, parts of which, according to the police report, he claimed were good for picking locks. Employees
told police they never gave Miller any wiper blades.
The assault charge stems from a Dec. 9, 2006 incident at 162 N. Main St., where Miller struck and injured
a Perrysburg man. Attempts to serve the warrant were unsuccessful, as the address given by Miller did
not exist.