Church Events: 6-05


Tim Meyer’s sermon Sunday at Abiding Word Evangelical Lutheran Church will be "God has an Amazing
Inheritance for Us." A youth fundraiser cookout will follow to raise money for the summer trip.
"Welcoming our New Pastor," will be Rev. Ned Valentine’s sermon Sunday at Bowling Green
Alliance Church.
Evangelist Harold Driver’s sermon Sunday morning at Bowling Green Church of Christ will be "Does
Everyone Have a Right to Their Beliefs?" The evening service will be "The High Cost of
"The Terrors of Law and of God With me can Have Nothing to Do," will be Rev. Michael Malanga’s
message Sunday at Bowling Green Covenant Church.
Pastor Kevin Crawford will be speaking on "OMG Life Seems Unfair: Wonderment God From
Habakkuk," Sunday at Brookside Church.
"Are We Rectoring?" will be Pastor Brian Snyder’s message Sunday morning at First Baptist
Church. The evening message will be "Are We Restrained?"
Rev. Brent Pomeroy’s sermon Sunday at First Christian Church will be "The New Birth." Summer
hours begin with the worship at 10 a.m.
The children of First United Methodist Church will present a musical called "Rock Solid" by
Jimmy and Gail Getzen during the worship Sunday.
The sermon Sunday by Curtis Miller, pastor, at Grace Brethren Church will be "Seven Relationship
Strategies That Will Destroy Your Family," continuing a series.
The program Sunday at Maumee Valley Unitarian Universalist Congregation will be "Places to Visit:
Heaven," by Rev. Ken Phifer.
Pastor Dan Vellinga’s Associate Pastor Jon Cavanagh’s message Sunday at Plain Congregational Church will
be "Strategic Humility."
"Three Focal Points," will be Rev. Eric McGlade’s sermon Sunday at Trinity United Methodist
Pastor Larry Whatley’s sermon Sunday at Turning Point United Methodist Church will be "Embrace the
The sermon by David K. Boswell, minister, Sunday at Village View Church of Christ be "Parables of
Jesus: The Big Wedding Day."
The Vacation Bible School concludes Thursday at 8 p.m. The choir hosts a dinner musical on Saturday
Dr. David Lindeblad’s sermon Sunday morning at Wood County Baptist Church will be "What Happens to
Children When They Die?"
Tonight is also the movie night.
Preacher Dan Horner’s sermon Sunday at Bradner Community Christian Church will be "Revelation: Clear
as Mud, part 23."
"What United Methodist Women Do," will be the message Sunday from the United Methodist Women of
Bradner United Methodist Church.
Rev. Deb Widdowson’s sermon Sunday at Faith United Methodist Church will be "See for Yourself."

Pastor Timothy Rothfuss’ sermon Sunday at Christ Evangelical Lutheran Church will be "Born of Water
and the Spirit."
Worship time changes on Sunday to services at 8 and 9:30 a.m. Graduates will be honored at the second
service with a community brunch to follow at 10:30 a.m.
Guest speaker Brad Wells’ message Sunday at Christ’s Bible Church will be "Faith and Fear."
Pastor Susan St. Peter’s sermon for Trinity and Graduation Sunday at Union United Methodist Church will
be "Dead or Alive?"
Father F. Anthony Gallagher will hold his final Mass at St. Patrick (Providence) Catholic Parish on
Sunday. An open house follows from noon to 3 p.m. to honor Gallagher.
"Jesus Heals a Lame Man," will be guest pastor Gary Rader’s message Sunday at First
Presbyterian Church.
Guest preacher Chuck Bernthisel’s sermon Sunday at Haskins Community Church will be "Living in an
Imperfect World." There will be no Communion this week.
We’re not Forsaken," will be Pastor Rick Adams’ message Sunday at Hoytville United Methodist Church.

Pastor Ron Shinkle’s message Sunday at Lemoyne Baptist Church will be "The Pearl of Great Price or
Entering the Kingdom.
Pastor Jeanne English’s sermon title Sunday at Zion Lutheran Church will be "The Game of Life – The
Match Game." Summer hours begin Sunday with worship beginning at 9 a.m.
"The Community of God," will be Pastor Andy Wilson’s sermon Sunday at St. Paul Lutheran Church.
Summer hours begin with service starting at 9 a.m. A Saturday evening "Praise Service" begins
at 5 p.m. on Saturday.
Rev. Susan Kronbach’s sermon Sunday at Church of the Good Shepherd United Methodist will focus on God’s
call in ancient times and in current times. Graduates will be honored during the worship. The office
will be closed Monday through Thursday as staff members will attend the annual conference.
"We’re not Forsaken," will be Pastor Rick Adams’ message Sunday at St. James United Methodist
Pastor Ralph Mineo’s sermon topic Sunday at St. Luke’s Evangelical Lutheran Church will be "The
Family Likeness." Graduates will be honored and participate in the service. They will also be
honored at a reception to follow.
Pastor Jim Miller’s sermon Sunday at First United Presbyterian Church will be "The Triune God of
Summer worship hours begin with adult Sunday School at 8:15 a.m. and worship at 9 a.m.
Pastor Ernie Unholz’s sermon Sunday at Rudolph Christian Church will be "No Turning Back."
The sermon for Holy Trinity Sunday at St. John Lutheran Church will be "In Tune." Five young
will be will be confirmed at the 10 a.m. service.
Pastor Robert E. May’s sermon Sunday at Stony Ridge United Methodist Church will be "Being Born
Pastor John Randall’s sermon Sunday at Sugar Ridge Community Church will be "It Makes a Dif Where
you put the If."
Pastor Mark Montgomery’s sermon Sunday at Calvary United Methodist Church will be "Battle of the
Members of the congregation will be leading worship for Gideon Sunday at Wayne United Methodist Church.

Pastor Chris Boggs’ sermon Sunday at Sonlight Christian Assembly of God will begin the summer series,
"The Responsible Christian," with "God, the Owner of Everything."
Rick Broughton’s message Sunday at Weston Church of Christ will be "Daniel: Dealing With the Ups and
Downs of Life."
Rev. James Stewart’s sermon Sunday at Weston United Methodist Church will be "Reasons We Need to

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