Transfers: 6-04


The following property transfers have been filed through the Wood County Real Estate Division.
May 29
? 14042 W. Front St., Rudolph, residential, from Alice J. Brim, to Carol J. Eblin, $48,000.
? 17768 N. Pansy Lane, Grand Rapids, residential, from Deutsche Bank National Trust Co. as trustee, to
John E. Byers, $19,100.
? 14260 Bishop Road, Bowling Green, residential, from Mark and Amy Bell, to Shawn J and Teresa M. Hudson,
? 211 S. Prospect St., Bowling Green, residential, from John E.T. Gleason III and Pamela R. Gleason, to
SAG Investments Ltd., $81,500.
? 1136 Sandpiper Lane, Bowling Green, residential, from Anthony and Jennifer Iler, to Geoffrey and
Antonia Dzakula Meek, $198,000.
? 1109 Sandpiper Lane, Bowling Green, residential, from Shannon T. and Mary M. Welker, to Forrest Paul
and Vicky Marie Bates, $188,000.
? 467 S. Church St., Bowling Green, residential, from Geoffrey A. and Antonia Dzakula Meek, to Anthony T.
Iler, $128,000.
May 28
? 509 N. Main St., Bloomdale, residential, from Richard A. Kolk Jr., by Wood County Sheriff, to Wells
Fargo Bank, $38,000.
? 9465 Rudolph Road, Rudolph, residential, from Bryan K. Plikerd, et. al., by Wood County Sheriff, to
Bank of New York as trustee, $120,000.
? 207 W. Eighth St., Perrysburg, residential, from Larry W. and Kathy S. Weber, to Nicholas G. Horen and
Amanda M. Cavanaugh, $77,000.
? 26654 Sheringham Road, Perrysburg, residential, from Auto-Owners insurance Co., to Jamey D. Callif and
Kayleen Snyder, $152,800.
? 702 Grove St., Walbridge, residential, from William F. and Dewanna Myers, to Victoria M. Canales-Pratt,
? 209 Parkview Dr., Walbridge, residential, from Dolores M. Shomody, to William J. Wheeler III and
Christina J. Wheeler, $120,000.
May 27
? 26319 Windy Trace, Perrysburg, residential, from Ryan Rumpf, to David J. and Amy C. Tolson, $222,500.

? 107 Perry St., Haskins, residential, from Shane Thornton, to Priscilla L. D?Anniballe and John K.
Murphy, $124,891.
? 241 Bacon St., Rossford, residential, from John C. Gregory, to James and Monica Gregory, $30,000.
? 7266 Winding Brook Road, Perrysburg, residential, from Matthew A. Mabie, to Larry A. Mates, $140,000.

May 26
? 302 Valley Lane, Perrysburg, residential, from Philip R. and Tamara J. Rutledge, to Christopher J. and
Heather K. Rando, $217,500.
? 178 Farnstead Dr., Northwood, residential, from Ryan M. Kelly, to Jeremy T. and Amy L. Cox, $116,000.

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