Gov. Ted Strickland made a visit to Wood County Tuesday to visit Glasstech in Perrysburg,
along with Labor Secretary Hilda Solis. These are your usual press conferences, where they get shown
around a facility and the governor gets shown all the new items of interest, while the media follows
along. My parking space, until I got asked to move by security.


Photo above: How things look before a custom white
governor inspects some new machinery.
Some of the products made at Glasstech.
As usual, the media handlers try to
make sure that all photographers stay within the white lines, so the "best" angle can be
taken. The problem with that is the rules go out the window at most places in the first five minutes,
and it becomes a polite free-for-all.
The Governor inspects a piece of shattered glass, while other media
document it all.