Erikka West earned a $300 scholarship for her performance in the state finals of the annual youth Pepsi
She totaled 1,533 pins in the handicap division for girls age 12 and over in the event for her six games.
She finished third and missed winning by only 15 pins.
She will also receive a paid entry into the Junior USBC Open to be held in July in Indianapolis.
Juan Ybanes earned a $50 scholarship in the boys scratch division for his 1,286 total which placed him
ninth. For those who also entered the Junior Gold special, he placed fourth and thus receives a paid
entry into the 2010 Junior Gold event
Two other local youth also earned $50 scholarships in the event, Jacob Houtz for his 25th place finish in
the 12 and over handicap for the boys; and Charlotte Perez for her 27th-place finish in the 11-and-under
girls handicap division.
After school tourney: For the second consecutive year, Conneaut Elementary won Al-Mar Lanes’ after-school
tournament. The Kenwood boys team had the high handicap total of 1,547, including a 669 five-game Baker
total. The Conneaut girls were high at 1,322, including a 482 Baker set. The Conneaut boys were a close
second at 1,522 and combined with the girls team, took the top overall total.
Individual medals were presented to Wyatt DeWitt, 143, and Emily Klinger, 129, for the high individual
games; and Dustin Santos, 270 and Cailyn Overhulse, 263, for the high individual two-game totals.
Champions event: Al-Mar conducted an in-house Champion of Champions tournament. The winners were Mixed 2
with a 3,462 handicap total. The team shared $1,000 in rewards money, which can be used at the bowling
center. James E. Bailey led the team with games of 211, 201 and 269 for a 681. Jim A. Bailey added a 225
and 592. Other team members were Ken Cooper, Steve Griffin and Robert Eaton.
Second place, worth $500 in rewards money, went to Beeker Imaging with a 3,469 handicap total. Mike
Canterbury rolled games of 221 and 236, for a 603. Thomas Makley added a 598. Other team members were
Jim Shammo, George Shreffler and Jeff Holcomb.
Third place was Original Originals at 3,433; while Mixed 4 was fourth at 3,429. The teams earned $250 and
$150, respectively, in rewards money. Mondo Calderon rolled a 694 for the latter team; while Meña
Calderon rolled a 226 game and 599 series.
Season ending: This is the last regularly-scheduled column of the season. Columns will be published
during the summer as news warrants. The 23rd season of the 11th Frame will return in late August or
High Rollers:
Bowler (Lanes) Game Series
House shot
Steve Etzel (A) – 757
PBA shot
John Ferrera (V) – 684
Brent Norris (V) 257 –
John Bond Jr. (V) 254 –
Jodie Woessner (V)
230,221 666
National tourney shot
Kathy Coombs 222,221 827
Youth house shot
Jordan Jeffers (A)
261,225 869
John Przybylski (A)
246 857
Juan Ybanes (A) 278 –
Mychal Brim (A) 246 –
Jordan Jeffers (A) 233 –
Ryan Chesser (A) 226 –
Jon Saddler (A) 225 –