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Written by BILL RYAN Sentinel Religion Editor   
Friday, 27 July 2012 09:28
The idea of reincarnation has widely divergent views among various religions.
Some church doctrines, primarily Eastern religions, subscribe to a belief in reincarnation, while numerous other faiths vigorously debunk such a theory.
With a focus on God's energy, there may be a possible explanation as to why there are such diverse opinions.
For many, including this writer, it is nearly impossible to believe in the strictest interpretation of reincarnation. I can't imagine having been President Lincoln's maid, a peasant farmer in ancient Rome, nor any other prior life form.
Many Christians are surprised to learn reincarnation was a doctrine once embraced by many early Christians. Some consider there is evidence in the Bible of Jesus himself teaching it.
Those who ascribe to that theory cite, "Listen, I tell you a mystery: We will not all sleep, but we will all be changed." (1 Cor. 15:51)
Jesus also claims, according to some scholars, John the Baptist was a reincarnation of Elijah.
"For all the prophets and the law have prophesied until John. And if you are willing to receive it, he is Elijah who was to come." (Matt. 11:13-14)
Without reincarnation, most find it difficult to explain the thousands of documented cases of people who have detailed knowledge regarding people in the past. Upon examination there is no logical reason they should have the information they possess.
If not reincarnation, how does one explain these mysteries. Coincidence or luck can explain some, with hoaxes a possible explanation for others. It would be difficult to explain away all the documented files having no viable solution - aside from the divine. Thus, it might be worth considering the possibility the explanation can be found through the power of God.
Because of our connection to God, we know certain things without being taught. Survival instincts in humans are ingrained. We are connected with the Lord in ways beyond our comprehension.
Therefore, is it not possible some of that innate knowledge, our intuition, comes from those who have gone before us. God's wisdom, which includes God's knowledge of history, was given to us at conception. God also gives us a sense of right and wrong. Most people of faith concede these gifts come from the creator God.
Some folks, for whatever reason, seem to be blessed with details about ancestors or unrelated figures in the past. For those who carry those strong recollections, it would seem to them as if they previously lived that life.
Dreams and nightmares are also perhaps from God's energies regarding our connection with the past or possible future.
Maybe God gives us glimpses into the past or future. Most everyone, at some point, can relate a time or place when they saw something, some place or someone that flashed in their memory, despite never having seen the person, place or thing previously.
God is revealed to us in many ways. God often provides us with information we may not fully understand in our lifetime.
Many people share stories of hearing from, seeing or otherwise engaging with deceased loved ones. Mediums and psychics, including some scam artists, purport to be able to converse with those on the other side.
Despite the false claims, there are factually documented cases of people who have been able to provide accurate information regarding those deceased of which they have no earthly ties. Some may consider that reincarnation. It more more likely to be coincidental. Perhaps it is conceivable, they are more in tune with God's energies around us.
God's communication with us can be called a sixth sense, intuition, a vision, a dream, deja vu, a call from God, an answer to a prayer, or other terms. Perhaps, some of these experiences are, or at least seem to be like reincarnation to certain individuals.
Whatever the name, most everyone has connected or will one day connect at some level with a spiritual energy. Logical human explanations are rarely available; and any answers extremely inadequate.
Those situations are arguably a human interface with heaven and with God's energy. Often our limitations don't permit us to immediately recognize them as such. Believers, however, know God is never far away and always open to people of faith.

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