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Written by BILL RYAN Sentinel Religion Editor   
Friday, 06 April 2012 08:41
(This is the seventh in a series on God's energy. In the Christian faith, today is commemorated as Good Friday, the day Jesus Christ was crucified and died.)
Previously, it was proposed the soul may be God's energy placed within us at conception. If one accepts that, then what happens at our death?
The body has died, but people of faith believe the soul, our energy does not die. The promise of Christianity teaches those who die as a believer in Christ will live forever.
Faith traditions vary widely notably the details and concepts of life after death. Some conceive taking their human body with them to the great beyond, with a similar belief those not saved travel to the deepest, darkest nether world somewhere below.
It is conceivable to consider this heaven and hell may not be actual physical places.
The Bahá’í faith suggests such a non-physical realm. That faith's teachings describe heaven as a "spiritual condition" where closeness to God is defined as heaven.
Numerous faith traditions incorporate some teaching of an afterlife or heaven, including such diverse belief systems as Islam Judaism, Hinduism and Buddhism. There is no universal agreement on the topic.
Consider the possibility of the soul as one's essence either connecting with God in "heaven;" or being out of balance and being repelled away from God in "hell."
Some people who have survived a near-death experience tell of going toward "the light," a tremendous and almost unfathomable energy source. That draw and movement toward a light, could be the soul seeking its full reunion with the spiritual energy of God.
Scripture teaches Jesus with a loud voice cried out from his cross, "Father, into your hands I commend my spirit." (Luke 23: 46)
This occurred on what is commemorated by Christians as Good Friday.
Christ, in his humanity, surrendered his soul to his heavenly Father. According to the Bible, those were his final words before taking his last breath.
Father Mark Davis, a Catholic priest, recently spoke on the topic at a recent funeral service.
"Love does not die," Davis said.
He cites as proof, how Jesus, though crucified, lives on more than 2,000 years later. The cross and/or crucifix is witness to the fact that love, especially through Jesus, has not and will not die. For Christians, are a people of hope because of Jesus' death and resurrection.
The Godly association, always with Jesus, is also hopefully with us. It's hard to imagine a greater spiritual heaven than joining with God, God's knowledge and wisdom, and most importantly, embraced by God's love.
Davis said that is what the faithful followers believe lies ahead for those who die in God's favor.
If thus connected, we could meld with the energy of our late friends and loved ones. We see them and are more fully reunited with those souls. In such a heaven our walks are spiritual, our attachments mystical and majestic. As one with God, we would be in a state of grace beyond all human comprehension.
No longer needing human bodies, in such a heaven we would be above the clouds and with God all around. In such a heaven those who have passed on could be watching over their loved ones still on Earth.
"Love does not die," Davis repeated. "They are not physically with us, but they live on when we tell their stories and think of them."
Loved ones live on in our hearts and minds. They are recalled through those stories, as well as pictures, sounds and fragrances. They live on through recipes, cherished gifts, and by the lessons and words of wisdom they left behind.
The Resurrection of Jesus celebrated every Easter brings hope for Christians - a hope of more closely connecting with God's power. God is love and as Davis said, "Love does not die."
At our death, hopefully with the proper spiritual connections in life, we too, will commend our spirit and our soul to God.
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