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Written by BILL RYAN Sentinel Religion Editor   
Friday, 02 March 2012 11:18
How can any person look at our galaxy, including the sun and our solar system, and not have a sense of creation by a divine power?
Every star is a burning sphere of energy, arguably God's energy. While scientists may debate matters of divine creation versus the "big bang theory," some argue God had control of such a big bang.
Dr. Chad Kennedy has recently published a book, "Spiritual Evolution," in which he combines scientific research with spiritualism. The author attempts to redefine what it means to be spiritual in the 21st century.
Without delving into the concept of creation, think simply for a moment about the power, the energy involved in keeping all the stars and planets organized in the universe. It is far beyond human comprehension.
Many people have forgotten and some people never learned our sun is much the same as more than 100 billion stars in our galaxy.
The sun, however, is by far the largest object in our solar system. It contains more than 99.8 percent of the total mass of the solar system.
It's that mass, that power, that in ancient times the sun itself was considered a god - Helios for the Greeks and Sol for the Romans.
Of course, most earthlings today do not consider our sun a god, but the sun does have power over our lives.
The gravitational pull from its mass is what keeps all the planets in orbit. Similarly, the Earth's gravitational pull keeps the moon in orbit, not to mention keeping all of us "grounded."
Even the moon's gravitational pull affects the tides in the oceans. The moon also has some emotional power over human behavior. We all know stories or have witnessed unusual happenings during a full moon.
Without the pull of gravity, an invisible power which keeps the universe in check, we would not have life as we know it. Prior to Sir Isaac Newton, the Bible shared what some consider references to the power of gravity.
"He is before all things, and in Him all things hold together," reads Colossians 1:17.
Some theologians consider this to be a reference to divine intervention in the universe, based on the Greek verb used for hold together in early translations.
A second biblical reference reads, "The Son is the radiance of God's glory and the exact representation of his being, sustaining all things by his powerful word." (Hebrews 1:3)
Similarly the Greek source, "enegko" implies to uphold and sustain all things.
As an individual on this large planet of billions of people, one of many planets is a solar system with one of billions of stars, we are all pretty insignificant individually, even as a group. Yet as believers, we know God loves us individually and "even the very hairs of your head are all numbered," (Matthew 10:30).
Such a concept illustrates our importance to the creator in this vast universe.
The world is constantly changing, including continental shifts, volcanoes changing topography, etc.. Through it all gravity is a constant, an unseen force which keeps us on track, keeps us functioning.
Many people consider God similarly, a force which is forever connected with us, mostly unseen, but yet deeply felt. Even when we don't realize it, God is a strong force in our lives.
At minimum, gravity keeps us from flying off into oblivion. When we allow God's power to focus our lives, we stay grounded and focused. God helps keep our lives from flying off in all directions and out of control.
We meander through our daily lives and mostly take gravity for granted. Our goal should be not to do the same with God's power in our lives.

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