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Written by BILL RYAN Sentinel Religion Editor   
Friday, 18 May 2012 09:53
(Editor's note: This is the 13th part of the series focusing on energy aspects of God. This continues last week's focus on the five senses.)
Unlike the other four senses which are focused in a specific facial body part - ears, eyes, nose and mouth - the sense of touch is found all over the body. The skin is the largest organ of the human body.
Touch is so important, we oft refer to special occurrences as "touching moments" in our lives. Through touch we communicate non-verbally with those around us.
Parents often feel closest to their newborn child when they are in physical contact, especially skin to skin. When an infant is crying, the loving caress of mom or dad is often all that is needed to reassure and comfort the child.
People express thoughts and emotions through touch. A handshake can confirm a deal or friendship; a "high-five" expresses excitement and joy shared; and a pat on the back shows approval and encouragement.
Love is expressed through hugs, kisses and other affectionate touches including intimacy. Massages can relax the body through the touch of healing hands. We are refreshed from the feel of water splashing on our face.
Beyond love relationships, hugs are a universal connection with a friend. Visit any airport or bus terminal, and you will witness countless hugs as a good-bye gesture to those departing. There are as many welcoming embraces upon arrival.
Holding hands unites friends or groups during various activities.
Each person has roughly 20 different types of nerve endings which all send messages to the brain. Of those, pain receptors are important for safety; while others can provide comfort.
The nerve endings in your skin also alert you if something is hot or cold. In extreme situations, people will huddle together and share their body heat to warm each other.
Statistics show each square centimeter has six million cells and 5,000 sensory points. One's skin is constantly being regenerated. Any given skin cell lives approximately for only one month. Amazingly, two to three billion skin cells are shed daily by each of us.
There are trillions of tiny nerve endings in the dermis layer of skin which communicate what is being sensed to the brain.
These numbers are offered to illustrate the vast complexities in God's gift of touch.
For most people touch is therapeutic and healing, yet some victims of violent actions, sadly, can be resistant to a loving touch.
Jesus healed many people of afflictions through his touch. Many physicians or medical personnel also use the sense of touch for diagnostic reasons or healing therapy.
What vast power, what strength comes through touching moments.
In the Bible "Doubting Thomas" claimed he would not believe in the resurrected Lord unless he could touch the wounds of Christ.
After a second appearance by Christ to the disciples when Thomas was present, the former doubter said, "My Lord and my God." (John 20:28)
Many sacraments of the church involve touch. Baptisms and ordinations, as well as marriages involve touch. God touched us at conception; God touched our lives when Jesus became one of us; God touches us every day in countless ways.
Are our receptors open to that touch? Are we converting God's energy for the greater good of ourselves and the world around us? How often do we talk about "our" feelings with little regard to the feelings of others?
As we live with God's energy in our lives, we also have to be aware of how our actions are sensed by others. Is our touch felt positively by others? Do our words ring true to those who hear them? Most importantly, have we touched the heart of someone and brought joy to their life?
How many "touching moments" can be attributed to you? There may be a co-worker, a young child, an aging parent, a neighbor, your best friend or a stranger you blindly ignore, who needs your touch this week, this month, forever. The touch might be physical, it might be emotional, or with God's help, it might be spiritual.

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