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Written by BILL RYAN Sentinel Religion Editor   
Friday, 20 April 2012 08:44
Previously there was a focus on images of light in the Bible including Jesus calling himself the "light of the world" as well as the image of the rainbow, a sign of hope for Noah, his family and all future generations.
Of the numerous images of light and power in the Bible, some are more prominent than others, for example, the burning bush which appeared to Moses and Jesus's transfiguration.
The biblical story of the burning bush appears in the Book of Exodus (3:1-21). In this story Moses was on Mount Sinai when God became known to him through the bush. Though it was on fire, it was not consumed by the flames.
Humans find it hard to conceive something burning without being consumed. It is only though the power of God. One family shared a story of their house burning down. When going through the rubble, the only recognizable item salvaged was a framed picture of Jesus. Though the image showed definite burn marks, it was virtually intact when everything surrounding that photo was consumed by the fire.
That photo, complete with burn marks is proudly displayed in their new home.
Figuratively, when we are in love, our hearts are on fire for our loved one. We are consumed with love, yet our hearts and our bodies are not harmed.
If we connect those two ideas, God is actually showing us how we should love Him in our lives. We should love with a burning desire to grow closer to the Lord our God in our daily lives. We should be like that burning bush and love God more deeply than any other love in our lives. Our hearts and our souls should be on fire for God, knowing we will not be destroyed, but will remain alive enriched by a deeper love of God within us.
When someone has that kind of deep faith or deep love, those around them notice a glow about themĀ  -- a genuine glow from a totally complete love relationship for a person or God. Church and faith leaders who exhibit that glow often draw others to the faith through their faith-filled lives.
People are attracted to someone with such a shining faith.
Perhaps, that glow explains how images of Jesus, the saints and other religious figures throughout history are often portrayed with a halo or glow about them. That halo is the image of God's energy exhibited through their lives.
There may be no better example of that type of image than the story of Jesus' transfiguration, as related in the Gospel accounts of Mark (1:11), Matthew (3:7) and Luke (3:22).
The radiance of Jesus as he appeared gave a glimpse to his disciples of the divinity of Christ. Through his radiance and brilliance shining, the experience could be considered a window to God - a glance of what the kingdom of God may look like.
At that time, if the actual transfiguration of Jesus was not sufficient, Moses and Elijah also appeared to the apostles on the mountain. Also a cloud arrived and God spoke to those gathered, claiming Jesus as "My beloved Son."
Obviously nobody knows with certainty what God's kingdom looks like. If you poll 100 people, it would not be a surprise to get nearly 100 different images in reply. From streets of gold to fluffy clouds, there are no restraints on how people view what they hope awaits at their crossing over.
The illumination of God's kingdom is certainly beyond mortal comprehension, however the transfiguration of Jesus before what most consider reliable witnesses (Jesus' disciples, Peter, James and John) is surely a hint of the magnificent images which await us. Some descriptions state Jesus' garments turned white beyond what bleach or humans could create.
It is likely at our death, most will be amazed and surprised at what God has in store for those who enter the kingdom.

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