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Thursday, 21 November 2013 09:42
The following property transfers have been filed through the Wood County Auditor.

Nov. 14
• 1393 Bobwhite Dr., Northwood, residential, from Joseph L. and Carolyn A. St. John, trustees, to Thomas A. and Beth A. Meadows, $225,000.
• 233 Gardner Ave., Northwood, residential, from Emma L. Lester, to Joyce A. and John H. Bella, $23,900.
• 4456 Devils Hole Road, Pemberville, residential, from Loren G. and Kerri L. Welch, by Wood County Sheriff, to Bank of America, $52,000.
• 10036 Linwood Road, Bowling Green, residential, from Douglas R. and Lori Stephens, by Wood County Sheriff, to Federal National Mortgage Assoc., $132,000.
• 15851 Chamberlain Road, Bowling Green, 20 acres, farm, from Kevan D. Joseph, to Thomas M. and Diana R. Carpenter, $240,000.

Nov. 13
• 15488 Green Road, Bowling Green, residential, from Dale and Cynthia Vaughn, to Zachary Cameron, $85,000.
• 5225 Hanley Road, Walbridge, residential, from Jennifer R. Finch and Steven M. Finch II, by Wood County Sheriff, to CitiMortgage Inc., $50,000.
• 8515 Emerson Road, Wayne, residential, from Ronald Lee Durfey, by Wood County Sheriff, to Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corp., $86,000.
• 0 Union St., Weston, residential, from Abednego Holdings Inc., trustee, to Dean and Sheila Fausnaugh, $15,000.
• 280 Edgewood Dr., Perrysburg, residential, from Michael T. and Lynda J. Wisniewski, by Wood County Sheriff, to Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corp., $92,000.
• 6548 Scotch Ridge Road, Pemberville, residential, from Amy J. Liparoto, to Roy Montgomery II, $111,000.
• 1017 Reserve Dr., Perrysburg, residential, from Retreat Assoc. Inc., to Robert A. and Alicja Bleile, $205,00.
• 15903 Corner Brook Court, Perrysburg, building lot, from Louisville Title Agency for Northwest Ohio Inc., trustee, to James H. Sickles, $45,800.
• 25201 Rocky Harbour Dr., Perrysburg, building lot, from Lousiville Title Agency for Northwest Ohio Inc., trustee, to Raymond H. Pittman III and Ann M. Pittman, $49,900.
• 15879 Corner Brook Court, Perrysburg, residential, from Louisville Title Agency for Northwest Ohio Inc., trustee, to Julie K. Johnson, $223,000.
• 20310 Taylor St., Weston, residential, from James A. Coy, to Gerald Snyder, $115,000.
• 26688 Amberwood Dr., Perrysburg, residential, from Bryan E. and Laurie K. Cluckey, et. al., by Wood County Sheriff, to the Bank of New York Mellon, $145,000.
• 5152 Bostwick Blvd., Perrysburg, residential, from the Port Lawrence Title and Trust Co., trustee, to David Rohrbacher, trustee, $384,880.
• 309 W. S. Boundary St., Perrysburg, residential, from Amy L. Fisher, wtta Amy L. Pegler, to Camelab LLC, $167,000.

Nov. 12
• 3003 Gwilym Road, Fostoria, residential, from Ronald D. Markoff, by Wood County Sheriff, to Donald L. Mennel, $26,000.
• 1738 Middleton Pike, Luckey, residential, from Todd R. and Jennifer L. Johnson, to Timothy J. and Susan M. Tressel, $180,000.
• 17532 Henry Wood County Line, Grand Rapids, residential, from Larry H. Scott, to Joshua A. Scott and Kayann M. Warren, $52,000.
• 134 W. Strong Ave., Wayne, residential, from Vicky L. Dean, to Alan C. Stephens, $42,000.
• 15480 Milton Road, Grand Rapids, residential, from Pauline P. Boyle, trustee, to Michael A. Nowaczyk, $1,915.
• 2405 Hawthorne Road, Fostoria, residential, from Karen L. Eibner, to Jerry Tong, $131,000.
• 922 Walnut St., Perrysburg, residential, from Katherine E. Pattay, to Lois J. and Terry L. Zeh, $160,000.
• 210 E. Union St., Walbridge, residential, from Marcia Lee Scarberry, executrix, to Steven D. Miley, $48,500.
• 300 Southwood Dr., Perrysburg, residential, from Michael S. and Margaret A. Searle, trustees, to Matthew L. Smith, $139,600.
• 2414 Ross St., Northwood, residential, from Gary R. Sieczkowski, to Kelly A., Shelley and Michael Melnyk, $102,000.
• 19606 Cross Creek Road, Bowling Green, residential, from Julie J. Johnson, to Scott and Jennifer Compton, $244,000.
• 26595 Woodmont Dr., Perrysburg, residential, from Jeffrey Webb, to Randolph A. Cano, $212,000.
• 122 W. Seventh St., Perrysburg, residential, from Steven J. Schneider II and Brittany M. Schneider, to Gregory A. and Allice J. Stockhoff, $139,600.
• 1534 Pelton Road, Fostoria, residential, from Stephen D. and Marianne Weimerskrich, to David C. and Tammy L. Hook, $99,500.

Nov. 8
• 1932 Bordeaux Rue, Northwood, residential, from William T. and Dawn Tuttle, to Brandon J. and Jennifer M. McGaharan, $127,000.
• 1507 Bermuda Dr., Walbridge, residential, from Mary Ellen Baugh-Swartz and Thadeus D. Swartz, to Heather K. Halaxz, $162,900.
• 431 Rutledge Court, Perrysburg, residential, from Danny V. and Gertraud T. Pool, trustees, to Tricia D. Smith, $238,000.
• 4947 Prestonwood Road, Perrysburg, residential, from Saba Custom Homes LLC, to Prithvi Singh Gandhi and Tanya Menon, $283,850.
• 5861 Moline Martin Road, Walbridge, from the Donald Lusher Estate, to William T. Tuttle, $90,000.
• 507 N. Main St., Bloomdale, residential, from Kyle B. and Jenae K. King, to Julie A. Dibling, $114,900.
• 416 Sixth St., Perrysburg, residential, from Jonathan and Sharon Simmonds, to Midland Agency of Northwest Ohio Inc., $120,000.

Nov. 7
• 24803 Bradner Road, residential, from Doris A. Recker, trustee, to Simplicity Farm LLC, $675,000.
• 1113 Girton Road, Risingsun, residential, from Fred and Jenna Keith, to Ryan J. Hoerig, $129,000.
• 10981 Yates Road, Cygnet, residential, from Linda L. Feasel, to Jessica L. Sanderson and Lauren W. Littleton, $184,500.
• 26364 Stillwater Dr., Perrysburg, residential, from Holly R. Amstutz, to Douglas B. and Brenda F. Lyons, $214,000.
• 2363 Coe Court, Perrysburg, residential, from Timothy J. and Karen E. Slawinski, to Raymond K. and Suzanne H. Bucalo, $216,000.
• 1423 Margaretha Lane, Bowling Green, residential vacant land, from Middleton Trace LLC, to Ryan and Karyn Smith, $37,500.
• 610 Fourth St., Bowling Green, apartments, from Barton E. and Ann L. Richley, trustees, to Rutter & Dudley Partnership, $210,000.

Nov. 6
• 26990 Cranden Dr., Perrysburg, residential, from Stephen P. and Kathleen S. Kirwen, co-trustees, to Heidi N. Hartman, $240,000.
• 28966 Hufford Road, Perrysburg, residential, from Ok Ji Luginbuhl, to Lynn and Gretchen Haskins, $103,000.
• 1947 Ottawa Lane, Perrysburg, residential, from Tricia D. Smith, to Joseph L. and Mary S. Beer, $386,000.
• 0 Clark St., Rossford, commercial construction, from George Isaac Properties Ltd., to Gallant Hospitality LLC, $745,000.
• 17364 Reams Road, Bowling Green, residential, from Derrill R. and Jackie A. Fowler, to Brian A. Carr, $208,000.
• 26209 Seminary Road, Perrysburg, residential, from John P. Tsolis, trustee, to Fadi V. Nahhas and Susan Rachelle Kissinger-Nahhas, $420,000.
• 563 Garfield Dr., Perrysburg, residential, from James Pollock II, to Trimen Enterprise LLC, $56,000.
• 1509 Horseshoe Bend Dr., Perrysburg, residential, from Jennifer L. Bihn, aka Jennifer L. Sysko, to Stacy J.F. Goedeke, $184,000.
• 9608 Bishopswood Lane, Perrysburg, residential, from Scott and Lisa Blakely, to Christina M. Lemmons and Patrick G. Herron, $159,000.
• 15658 River View Place, Perrysburg, building lot, from Louisville Title Agency for Northwest Ohio, to Joshua A. Adams, $49,900.
• 464 Nora Dr., Perrysburg, residential, from FW Spec Partners-1 LLC, to Stephen M. Wood and Amanda J. Karl Wood, $208,500.
• 9500 Five Point Road, Perrysburg, residential, from William A. Wright and Kelly S. Osborn-Wright, to Joel N. and Rhonda Kryder, $170,500.
• 85 Locust St., Perrysburg, residential, from Key Bank, to Stephen and Kathleen Kirwen, $260,000.

Nov. 5
• 24870 W. River Road, Perrysburg, residential, from Wood County Sheriff, to Leland D. Sayers, $258,000.
• 26420 N. Dixie Hwy., Perrysburg, retail, from the Rosebrock Family Partners, to Arthur H. Katz and Calvin Katz Real Estate Partnership, $400,000.
• 17216 Pratt Lane, Perrysburg, residential, from Ruth Johnson, deceased, to Richard and Ruth Studer, $73,000.
• 11660 Range Line Road, Weston, residential, from Household Realty Corp., to P&J Thayer Family Limited Partnership, $27,000.
• 117 Windsor Dr., Rossford, residential, from James L. and Zachary Cook, to Zachary and Ashley Cook, $76,500.

Nov. 4
• 0 Bloomdale Road, Portage, 15 acres, farm, from Kenneth C. and Donna R. Morlock, co-trustees, to Mark and Sue Morlock, $50,000.
• 550 Perry Dr., Perrysburg, residential, from Kurt M. Grosskopf, to Peter B. and Mariko Johnston, $162,000.
• 12220 Jefferson St., Perrysburg, residential, from Janette R. Weinstein, to Tyler L. Weber, $205,000.
• 400 N. Main St., North Baltimore, residential, from Gilford J. Erford, to Susan LaWare, $58,000.
• 724 Champagne Ave., Bowling Green, residential, from Lauren N. Farver, trustee, to Michael A. Crawford, $184,000.
• 12445 Gloria St., Perrysburg, residential, from Joseph M. Clarke and Misty Fitch, to Charat Khattapan, $64,900.
• 9456 Charlemont Road, Perrysburg, residential, from Marsha I. Kuehl, to Misty M. Fitch, $166,500.
• 12445 Gloria St., Perrysburg, residential, from Donald E. and Pamela S. Johnson, to Joseph M. Clarke and Misty Fitch, $60,000.
• 295 Margaret Place, Perrysburg, residential, from Nicholas J. Eddy, to Nellie J. Greenberg, $115,000.
• 26618 Nawash Dr., Perrysburg, residential, from Krishna P. and Kiran Rai, to Ronald R. and Natalie R. Dielman, $286,500.
• 6 Edith Court, Bowling Green condominium, from Leo and Correna J. Schivelbein, to Laura A. Pierce, trustee, $72,000.
• 196 Wilber St., Walbridge, residential, from Laura A. Pierce, trustee, to Carrie E. Steward, $103,000.
• 150 Hannum Road, Rossford, residential, from Ryan M. and Courtney A. Bloom, to Bobbie J. Gorsuch, $83,000.
• 1631 Latcha Road, Millbury, residential, from Doris A. Hughes, to Ryan A. Humberger and Sarah Hill, $83,000.
• 1220 Grassy Lane, Rossford, residential, from Henrietta L. and Carl H. Desko, trustees, to Robert A. Roach and Andrea Dorey Gleason, $183,700.
• 301 N. Sullivan St., Haskins, residential, from Jamie D. Duncan, to Nicholas L. and Trisha A. Stultz, $143,000.
• 0 W. River Road, Grand Rapids, residential, from Chester N. and Mary E. Vollmar, to H. William and Carol A. Steck, $30,000.
• 0 Eagleville Road, Bloom Township, 27.17 acres, farm, from Carla Bryant, to Thomas L. and Gail R. Evans, $158,000.

Nov. 1
• 29592 Durham Dr., Perrysburg, residential, from Philip and Nancy L. Williams, to Tri Coast Holdings LLC, trustee, $365,000.
• 20975 Euler Road, Weston, residential, from Lacey L. Dewese, half interest, to Charles E. and Tammy Dewese, half interest, $10,000.
• 312 Clough St., Bowling Green, residential, from James M. and Pamela A. Whitman, trustees, to the Purgatory Partnership Group, $118,000.
• 10917 Nelson Road, Bowling Green, residential, from Sherry K. and Michael Hall, by Wood County Sheriff, to Fannie Mae, aka Federal National Mortgagee Assoc., $50,000.
• 633 Hunters Run, Perrysburg, residential, from James M. Lee, to Norazlina M. Milne, $198,000.
• 11026 Middleton Pike, Dunbridge, residential, from Vicky L. Wohn, by Wood County Sheriff, to PNMAC Mortgage Opportunity Fund Investors LLC, $50,000.
• 0 Cherry St., Millbury, residential structure, from Kurt and Lori Johnson, to Thomas S. Cox, $15,000.
• 24174 Front St., Grand Rapids, commercial, from Gregory S. Carson, to Heeter House LLC, $160,000.
• 934 Mulberry St., Perrysburg, residential, from James E. and Sandra Jean Ellis, to David W. and Christine A. Shannon, $174,900.
• 0 Dunbridge Road, Bowling Green, 39 acres, farm, from Shirley Kellermeier, trustee, to Dustin D. Brown, $290,000.
• 29479 Harriet St., Millbury, residential, from Timothy Geisinger, deceased; Ronald Jones, administrator, to Brent O. Skidmore Jr. and Amber M. Skidmore, $74,000.

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