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Written by THOMAS SCHMELTZ, Sentinel Sports Writer   
Friday, 16 August 2013 23:52
Brad Hart, of Clayton, Mich., makes a pull of 302.055 feet with Don’t Ask, A Case International 7220 tractor Friday at the National Tractor Pulling Championships. (Photos: Enoch Wu/Sentinel-Tribune)
The 47th annual National Tractor Pulling Championships could not have gone much better for Mike Chizek’s pulling team.
The team, comprised of four tractors, traveled from Wisconsin to Bowling Green. With the way the team’s machines performed on the pull’s opening session Friday afternoon, the drive was well worth it.
Terry Blackbourn was the winner in the 8,000-pound Open Super Stock division with his tractor Extremely Armed & Dangerous traveling 325 feet, 8 inches. His son, Josh Blackbourn, was second in the division, with his tractor, International Threat, racing 312.650.
The pot became sweeter for Chizek’s team shortly after when they all watched teammate Brian Korth take first and second place in the 6,200-pound Light Super Stock division with his tractors Considered Armed & Dangerous, and Excessive Force.
Korth’s championship pull was 294.340 and his second-place pull was 265.730.
“You can’t imagine with the people,” Chizek said of the excitement for his team’s performance during the afternoon session. “... To have that many people here and this type of equipment here, it’s definitely an honor to get it into this championship circle.”
For Korth and Terry Blackbourn, this is not the first time they’ve had success at this event.
Korth was a champion here last year and Terry Blackbourn has won five championship rings in the event that he has been coming to since 1986.
“It’s unbelievable that you can get first and second in two different classes and finish this well out here,” Korth said.
“We’ve been here a lot of years. We know our setups. We just know what it takes,” he added. “We didn’t second-guess ourselves on none of this.”
On a day where the weather was nearly perfect, the tractors were nearly perfect as well according to Terry Blackbourn, the team’s lead mechanic.
Jessie Petro of Camden, Ohio makes a pull of 299.110 feet with the Buckeye Hauler August 16, 2013 at the National Tractor Pulling Championships in Bowling Green, Ohio.
“Out here, this is the biggest pull of the year,” he said. “You always look forward to it and bring your ‘A’ game here.
“I went over all four tractors to make sure they were all up to par,” Terry Blackbourn added. “It showed today, everything worked good.”
In addition to making sure that all of the tractors were in top shape, Korth cited the ability to read the track as a reason for the team’s success, not just Friday, but over the years.
“We’ve got this track’s number,” he told the crowd when making his speech in the winner’s circle. “We know what to do out here.
“It’s no different than top-fuel cars having to read the track,” Korth later added. “We have to read the track. Me and Mike (Chizek) are contemplating the whole time, when we’re back here in the pits, if we’re going to adjust the draw bar or if we’re going to adjust the boost or change which tire pressure we’re going to run.”
The team made all of the right calls on this day. Today, they will compete again, looking to collect another set of championship rings.
Bryan Deck’s tractor One Bad Apple won the 9,300-pound Super Farm Tractor division with a pull of 314.550, and Craig Corzine’s truck Burn Notice, won the 6,200-pound Modified Two-Wheel-Drive Truck division with a pull of 320.720.
In the Friday night session there were five classes to compete before a near-capacity crowd.
Larry Peterson’s Profab Geared Up won the 6,200-pound Modified Four-Wheel-Drive Truck division with a pull of 325.680.
In the 7,500-pound Modified Tractor class, Brad Benedict pulled 299.180 with his tractor Non-Cent$ to get the win.
Renegade Deere, driven by David Siefert won the 8,000-pound Diesel Super Stock Tractor with a pull of 332.705, and Adam Koester’s Double Play won the 2,050-pound Modified Mini Tractor division with a pull of 314.005.
Jeremy Walker capped off the night with a win in the 20,000-pound Super Semi division. His semi, Two of a Kind, pulled 338.955 feet, besting the second-place finisher by just over four feet.

Bobbie Barbee of Springfield, Tennessee makes a pull of 302.340 feet with the Willy Makit August 16, 2013 at the National Tractor Pulling Championships in Bowling Green, Ohio.
1) Terry Blackbourn, Shullsburg, Wis., full pull/325.840; 2) Josh Blackbourn, Shullsburg, Wis., full pull/312.650; 3) Jordan Lustik, Eighty Four Pa., full pull/310.075; 4) John Strickland, Clinton, N.C., full pull/305.005; 5) Sid Broughton, South Haven, Mich., 309.005.
1) Craig Corzine, Pana, Ill., full pull/320.720; 2) Randy Petro, Camden, Ohio, full pull/319.155; 3) Sean Blagrave, Ackerly, Texas, full pull/315.435; 4) Bobbie Barbee, Springfield, Tenn., full pull/302.340; 5) Jessie Petro, Camden, Ohio, full pull/299.110.
1) Bryan Deck, Winside, Neb., full pull/314.550; 2) Steve Francis, Almont, Mich., full pull/307.995; 3) Jeff Prible, Keystone, Ind., full pull/303.295; 4) Marvin McDonald, Red Springs, N.C., 304.980; 5) Brooke Ferris, Addison, Mich., 304.935.
1) Brian Korth, Beaver Dam, Wis., full pull/ 294.340; 2) Brian Korth, Beaver Dam, Wis., full pull/265.730; 3) Rex Kuhn, Morristown, Ind., full pull/255.590; 4) Jason Hootman, Pike, N.Y., 298.050; 5) Marcus Wettleson, Postville, Iowa, 297.765.
1) Brad Benedict, Marion, Ohio, 299.180; 2) Kevin Criswell, Marion, Ohio, 294.205; 3) Bret Berg, Farmington, Minn., 293.550; 4) Wayne Purser, Norman, Okla., 278.345; 5) Bob Jostock, Lapeer, Mich., 277.840.
1) David Siefert, New Washington, Ohio, full pull/332.705; 2) Stan Blagrave, Ackerly, Texas, full pull/314.130; 3) Jody Ross, Waynesburg, Pa., full pull/304.580; Brian Shramek, Williamsburg, Mo., 305.025; 5) Steve Burge, Lynn, Ind., 304.005.
1) Adam Koester, Wadesville, Ind., full pull/314.005; 2) Wim Dingerink, Zwolle, Netherlands, full pull/310.505; 3) Adam Bauer, Paton, Iowa, full pull/310.195; 4) Larry Koester, Wadesville, Ind., 319.330; 5) Tyler Slagh, Zeeland, Mich., 313.825.
1) Larry Peterson, Baldwin, Wis., full pull/325.680; 2) Lisa Peterson, Baldwin, Wis., full pull/322.395; 3) Rob Foster, Fairgrove, Mich., full pull/321.895; 4) Peyton Davis, Tappahannock, Va., full pull/316.780; 5) Tanya Foster, Fairgrove, Mich., 319.715.
1) Jeremy Walker, Danville, Ill., full pull/338.955; 2) Richard Bonner, Mantua, Ohio, full pull/334.320; 3) Jerry Walker, Danville, Ill., full pull/319.680; 4) Dean Holicky, Le Center, Minn., 319.310; 5) Ted Ellis, Jamestown, N.Y., 318.800.
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