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Many bowlers don't comprehend scoring PDF Print E-mail
Written by BILL RYAN, Sentinel Bowling Writer   
Tuesday, 25 February 2014 10:37
While this is more prevalent in open play than in league bowling, there are still many league bowlers who don't comprehend some simple math in bowling.
Most people realize strikes are better than spares and spares are better than misses, however, the placement within the game can make a big difference.
Scores in open bowling for fun or practice are not as important as in league or tournament play.
In simplest terms, a strike is worth 10 pins, plus the total of the pins knocked down on the next two balls; a spare also scores 10, but plus what is knocked down on the next ball.
Virtually all bowling centers feature automatic scoring machines, so most bowlers no longer concern themselves with the details of scoring. However, in competitive bowling is a bowler should know how the scoring works.
Every pin can make a difference, especially in a close game, but lets just look briefly at only the 10th frame. If you get a spare or strike in the 10th frame, you get a bonus. An open scores only the total of the pins knocked down on the first two balls with no extra ball. Getting a strike guarantees two more balls in the 10th frame, allowing a bowler to roll up to three strikes. Thirty pins are possible in the final frame, 10 for each strike. A spare and a strike combination totals 20 pins, no matter which order they occur.
The difference in value also depends on what the bowler rolled in the ninth, as to if that was a strike, spare or open.
The extra ball in the 10th frame following a spare or a double (two strikes) is called the "fill ball," as you are only filling the frame and there is no bonus beyond what you get on that ball.
On the fill ball, leaving a single pin is normally not a big deal, it only costs one pin in the score. The vast majority of time it will not affect the outcome of the game, it does on occasion matter, but usually is not a major concern for a bowler or a team.
Despite that, it is amazing how many experienced bowlers will show extreme excitement on getting a strike on the fill ball; or show great angst after leaving a pin on the fill ball. No need to get that worked up either direction over one pin, either way.
Contrast that with leaving a mess on your first ball following a double, then missing all of the pins. That's called losing count and can make a huge difference in your score.
The general goal is to fill each frame with a spare or strike, counting 20 per frame by alternating those marks.
Looking at a double, the score would add 30 in the frame where you first got a strike if you followed the double with another strike. However say you leave a "Greek Church" split, often the 4-6-7-9-10. That five-count would reduce the score in that first frame by five pins, missing them all would cost you another five pins in the frame with the second strike, and yet another five pins in the frame you left the split. A potential 15 pins are gone to your score forever.
The rule of thumb is your first ball following a double, is the pins you knock down are tripled and the pins you knock down on the two balls after a strike are doubled, as is the first ball after a spare.
Losing the potential pins following the marks (strikes or spares) can be hazardous to your scores and your average.
Youth of the Week: Youth bowlers who bowled the most pins over their average in any one game last week, with pins over, were: Bantam/Prep, Steven DiCarlo, 74; Alex Bookenberger, 61; Kelly Miller, 55; Sofia Calderon, 48.
Surviving the game: The seven bowlers eliminated for Week 17 in Al-Mar's "Surviving the Game" with league and pins under average were: Diane Swisher, Randy Miller Memorial, 89; Bernie Schneider, Randy Miller Memorial, 67; Bonnie Carrington, Elks, 65; Terry Merritt, Eagles, 62; Yogi Wammes, Sentinel Classic, 60; Shad King, American, 54; and Tim Pogacar, Elks, 40.
High Rollers:
Bowler    Game    Series
House shot
Mary Ann Dimick 232    636
Denise Miller    236    -
Pancha Melendrez    225    -
Sofia Calderon    199    -

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