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Written by JACK CARLE Sentinel Sports Editor   
Tuesday, 30 July 2013 22:56
Happy Go Jamie pulls around the corner with driver Mark Headworth at the helm with NanOhio, driven by Tom Moore Jr. trailing close behind. Happy Go Jamie finished. (Photos: Enoch Wu/Sentinel-Tribune)

(updated 6:40 a.m. Wed.)Mark Headworth will remember July 30, 2013 for the rest of his life.
A harness racing owner, trainer and driver currently living in Oregon, Headworth won nine of the 11 races contested at the Wood Country Fair Tuesday night.
Headworth said the key to winning the nine races was ‘’good horses ... that makes all the difference, the horses you are driving.’’
Headworth had drives in 10 of the 11 races contested and added one second to his nine wins.
‘’That’s as good as you can do. You don’t have many days like that, I’ll tell you,’’ Headworth said.
Of the 11 races, eight had only four horses entered.
‘‘That definitely helps out, too,’’ Headworth said about the short fields. ‘‘You don’t have nearly as many horses to get around. It’s easier to get position in a five-horse field than an eight-horse field.’’

Headworth started and ended the racing program by winning wire-to-wire with horses that have Wood County connections.
In the first race, the Northwestern Ohio Colt Racing Association 2-year-old colt trot, Headworth won in 2:09.2 with Happy Go Jamie. Headworth and Steve Bateson, of Rudolph co-own the gelding which won for the first time in five starts.
In the 11th race, Headworth got to the front with Blah Blah Blah in the free-for-all pace and did a good job holding off the rest of the field, winning in 2:03.2.
Our Little Emmy paces along the track as driver Tom Marts Jr. looks into the grandstands. Our Little Emmy came in a close second after being outrun in the final stretch by Sam's Silly Lilly.
Our Little Emmy and Sam's Silly Lilly gallop neck-to-neck as drivers Tom Marts Jr. (right) and Mark Headworth (left) press their horses in the final stretch of a harness race.
The 7-year-old mare is owned by Mike R. Brown of Bowling Green.
Headworth was also able to win coming from behind.
He used a big finish to win the first division of the 3-year-old filly pace with Sam’s Silly Lilly in 2:03.3, beating Our Little Emmy to the wire.
In the 3-year-old colt trot, Headworth got the pocket trip with Trottin On Over and made a move at the three-quarter pole to win in 2:05.2. It was the seventh win in 11 starts for Trottin on Over this year.
Headworth made a very late move in the 3-year-old colt pace with Forever Kissed, getting past Wanderer deep in the stretch to win in 2:04.3.
Headworth also prevailed in the closest finish of the night with La’Sent. He held off the late closing This Sands Hot, owned and driven by John Konesky III of Pemberville, to win in 2:04.4 in the free-for-all trot.
In the 2-year-old filly pace, Headworth drove Mean Fever to her sixth win in six starts, winning in 2:08.4.
Headworth’s other victories were with Maudeenflat in 2:13.1 in the 2-year-old filly trot which was the first win in six starts for the filly, and Justlookeatmymuscle in 2:10.1 in the 3-year-old filly trot.
The second division of the 3-year-old filly pace was the only race in which Headworth finished second. Greg Bateson made a three-wide move after the first half-mile to win in 2:05.0 with Lovintoucinfeelin to beat Headworth and Black Laag.
Easter Bay, driven by Gregory Straub, won the 2-year-old colt pace in 2:05.3.
A total of 15 county-owned horses raced Tuesday.
Other results from the county were:
• Second, NanOhio, co-owned by Kenneth Phillips of Custar, in the 2-year-old colt trot, Our Little Emmy, co-owned by Angela Ott of Luckey, in a division of the 3-year-old filly pace, Countonme, owned by John Konesky III and Patrick Konesky of Bowling Green in the 3-year-old filly trot, Chuckie B, owned by Dan Venier of Pemberville, in the 3-year-old colt trot, Arion, co-owned by James Burris of Rudolph and Michael Lee of Bradner, in the free-for-all pace;
• Third, Sugar Puffs, owned by Lee, in a division of the 3-year-old filly pace, Samantha Truant, co-owned by Venier, in a division of the 3-year-old filly pace, Happy Go Manny, owned by Steve Bateson, in the 3-year-old colt trot;
• Fourth, Crystal’s Highness, co-owned by Burris and Lee, in the 2-year-old filly trot, Our Little Jess, co-owned by Ott, in the 2-year-old filly pace, Here Comes Smokey, owned by Benjamin Ott of Luckey, in the 3-year-old colt pace;
• Fifth, Jessica Speed, co-owned by David Errol Baird of Hoytville, in the free-for-all trot.



at Wood County Fairgrounds
2-year-old NWOCRA colt trot
one dash, $3,674
1) Happy Go Jamie (Headworth), $3.20, $2.80; 2) NanOhio (Moore), $2.80; 3) Turbos Agreement (G. Bateson). Also ran — Harmony Legacy. Time: 33.0, 1:05.1, 1:37.2, 2:09.2. Exacta: $6.60. Quinella: $5.20. Trifecta: $23.20.
3-year-old NWOCRA filly pace
first of two divisions, $2,002
1) Sam’s Silly Lilly (Headworth), $3.00, $2.80; 2) Our Little Emmy (Marts), $2.60; 3) Sugar Puffs (S. Bateson). Also ran — Sadie’s Speedboat, Bejeweled. Time: :31.0, 1:02.3, 1:33.1, 2:03.3. Daily Double: $5.00. Exacta: $3.20. Quinella: $2.10. Trifecta: $10.40.
2-year-old NWOCRA filly trot
one dash, $3,774
1) Maudeenflat (Headworth), $4.60, $2.10; 2) Cookie N Ice Cream (Payne), $2.10; 3) Marsh Flos Lady. Also ran — Crystal’s Highness. Time: :31.2, 1:04.2, 1:38.3, 2:13.1. Exacta: $11.20. Quinella: $2.40. Trifecta: $6.80.
2-year-old NWOCRA colt pace
one dash, $3,424
1) Easter Bay (Straub), $3.40, $3.40; 2) Kenneth G (Lighthill), $4.20; 3) Midnight Dude (Decker). Also ran — Memphis Dude. Time: :30.0. 1:03.3, 1:33.1, 2:05.3. Exacta: $19.00. Quinella: $4.80. Trifecta: $9.80.
3-year-old NWOCRA filly trot
one dash, $3,324
1) Justlookatmymuscle (Headworth), $6.20, $2.40; 2) Countonme (Konesky), $2.40; 3) Scootin Buckeye (G. Bateson). Also ran — Casino Playgirl. Time: :33.4, 1:05.2, 1:37.0, 2:10.1. Exacta: $4.80. Quinella: $2.40. Trifecta: $6.60.
2-year-old NWOCRA filly pace
one dash, $3,574
1) Mean Fever (Headworth) barred from wagering; 2) Matti Falcon (Weller), $2.60 (to win); 3) Cheapertokeepher (G. Bateson). Also ran — Our Little Jess. Time: :32.3, 1:06.0, 1:37.4, 2:08.4. Exacta: $3.00.
3-year-old NWOCRA filly pace
second of two divisions, $1,972
1) Lovintouchinfeelin (G. Bateson), $2.60, $2.40; 2) Black Laag (Headworth), $3.20; 3) Samantha Truant. Also ran — Our Precious Sis. Time: :30.2, 1:02.1, 1:34.0, 2:05.0. Exacta: $6.00. Quinella: $3.00. Trifecta: $5.80. Daily Double: $3.20.
3-year-old NWOCRA colt trot
one dash, $3,624
1)Trottin On Over (Headworth), $2.40, $2.40; 2) Chuckie B (Venier), $3.60; 3) Happy Go Manny (S. Bateson). Also ran — Macspoppy. Time: :31.2, 1:03.1, 1:34.3, 2:05.2. Exacta: $3.20. Quinella: $18.60. Trifecta: $5.20.
3-year-old NWOCRA colt pace
one dash, $2,488
1) Forever Kissed (Headworth, $2.20, $2.80; 2) Wanderer (Little), $2.80; 3) Wood Den (Smith). Also ran — Here Comes Smokey. Time: :29.3, 1:03.1, 1:33.4, 2:04.3. Exacta: $2.80. Quinella: $6.20.Trifecta: $9.20.
free-for-all trot
one dash, $1,500
1) La’Sent (Headworth), $4.40, $2.10; 2) This Sands Hot (Konesky), $2.40; 3) Prakasmakesperfect (G. Bateson). Also ran — Baked Azalea, Jessica Speed. Time: :30.1, 1:03.1, 1:33.3, 2:04.4. Exacta: $3.40. Quinella: $2.10. Trifecta: $5.20.
free-for-all pace
one dash, $1,500
1) Blah Blah Blah (Headworth), $4.00, $2.20; 2) Arion (Venier), $2.10; 3) CJ’s Sweet Racer (Rowley). Also ran — Precious Dreamer, TJ’s Molly May. Time: :29.1, :59.4, 1:30.2, 2:03.2. Exacta: $3.80. Quinella: $3.60. Trifecta: $12.00. Daily Double: $3.40.
NOTE: There was no show wagering for the entire program.

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