To the Editor: Writer warns about the Babylonians among us
Written by Dean Morford   
Wednesday, 05 June 2013 09:17
Any view of the American public in general and the political establishment in particular is chilling. The level of ignorance and apathy can only be laid at our own feet. This letter is simply a warning: The Babylonians are among us! Who are these Babylonians you ask? You may apply the term to any country, individual, or policy that facilitates the destruction of the American way of life.
Historically Babylon was one of the countries that conquered Old Testament Judah. Judah thought she could never be conquered. "We are too powerful, too well educated, we have the Temple of God," they said. But Judah had brazenly rejected God's law. God sent a foreign army against Judah- Babylon. Babylon besieged it, conquered it, and carried away anything of value, including the people.
Americans, do not deceive yourselves, the same situation is now upon us and our fate will be the same if we continue the path on which our leadership has put us.
In historically there are few countries whose fell from prominence was due to anything other than being conquered by an enemy stronger and better prepared. Day by day it is becoming evident that we will not have to be conquered by a modern day Babylon. The proverb is still true, "Never interfere with an enemy while he's in the process of committing suicide." And while America commits suicide the Babylonians look on in glee!
America stands on the cusp of being overthrown from within and being remembered as the most willfully ignorant and apathetic country in history. We have let bureaucrats determine our course. Why? Because these Babylonians are pseudo-Americans!
What are the policies that identify one as a "Babylonian?" This! They encourage the destruction of the very institutions and ideals that form the foundation this society or of any enduring society, such as the family. They encourage reliance on government; hinder free and open markets either thru word or policy; demean achievement; weaken our ability to effectively defend ourselves from threats without OR within; promote our dependence on foreign energy; promote monetary policies that historically are abject, to name but a few. The Babylonians are among us. We are at the point of collapse.
Americans, arise with one mind and one voice! For if we continue to remain silent these Babylonians will have won the victory and stolen the country.

Dean Morford

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