To the Editor: Writer offers firearms facts
Written by Doyle H. Phillips   
Wednesday, 27 November 2013 10:20
I've been reading with amusement the sparkling repartee between Dr. Feeman and his numerous detractors; and while I'm not qualified to comment on his non-peer reviewed "studies,"I will take issue with some of his pronouncements on the issue of firearms. First he asserts that if our elected officials pass a stand-your-ground law, the streets will run red with blood. This inspite of the fact that states with this type of law have experienced no major bloodbaths to date. They have, however, experienced a drop in violent crime.
Dr. Feeman's asserts that, "many of the killers of our citizens are apparently stable people who, for one reason or another, just snap and if they have a gun in their hands will shoot someone..." This claim is particularly revealing. To a gun-ban fanatic, a firearm is not an inanimate object, but rather a living, breathing force of evil. To hear them tell it, the violent criminal is just a poor schmuck who is strolling along, minding his own business, when a gun jumps out of the bushes, grabs him by the throat, and shouts, "Use me! Use me!" The criminal, unable to think for himself and powerless to resist, uses the gun; therefore the gun, not the criminal, is the problem. Get rid of guns and the criminal will be a model citizen.
Of course no discussion of gun control would be complete without some input from V.N. Krishnan. Judging from his letters, Mr. Krishnan believes the solution to violent crime is to gather the criminals around a campfire and have them sing Kumbaya.
The fact is, firearms in America are used four times more often to prevent crimes than to commit them; so on balance, they are a net benefit to society. If Feeman and V.N. find the situation intolerable, I suggest they pool their resources and build themselves a bunker. Then they can hunker in their bunker until such time as the 2nd Amendment is repealed. They'd better take plenty of provisions though; it could be a long wait.
Doyle H. Phillips
Jerry City

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