To the Editor: Writer asks Speaker Boehner to ‘stop the madness’
Written by Paul Wetzel   
Wednesday, 16 October 2013 10:42
What are you guys doing in the House of Representatives? Have you lost your minds? It is time to do the right thing and get the gov't. back to work and extend the debt ceiling limit without negating my 2012 vote. The majority of Americans supported the Affordable Care Act (ACA) in the last election and it was upheld by the Supreme Court. Pres. Obama won the election with preservation of the ACA on his platform. Gov. Romney, who ran on dismantling the ACA, lost the presidential election and the party in favor of dismantling the ACA lost seats in the congress. The American people have spoken, leave the ACA alone and get these two issues passed with a clean bill.
The Tea Party Republican strategy is a coup against the majority that has already spoken. The Tea Party Republicans are holding our country hostage with the gov't. shutdown and the threat to push the US and world economy over the debt ceiling cliff. This is embarrassing and shameful for a country that is supposed to be the premier democracy of the world. The Tea Party Republican strategy is a form of political hostage taking and must be stopped.
Speaker Boehner and his cronies conveniently changed house rules on the eve of the shutdown to prevent anyone from putting up a bill for a vote during an impasse such as this. Now this can only be done by the majority leader which has guaranteed a shutdown that would have ended by now. This is wrong, irresponsible, unfair, immoral and undemocratic. The minority does not rule in a democracy.
Speaker Boehner do the right thing and stop this madness!
Paul Wetzel

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