To the Editor: Worry about families, not insurance firms
Written by John Turkal   
Monday, 19 October 2009 09:14
As a veteran I receive my health care through the VA system at the Toledo Clinic since my retirement. 
Several European Countries have only Private Heath Insurance plans. Government's role is only to set guidelines and to protect its constituents from excessive costs, medical related bankruptcy and fraudulent practices of some insurers. Something everyone should be in favor of. Most of these rules are more common sense and practical to make the health care system work. 
For instance:
1. Everyone must have health insurance. You are automatically enrolled with an insurance company if you can't decide.
2. No one can be denied coverage. 
3. You can change companies whenever you want with a reasonable notice.
4. Insurance companies must pay a claim within 5 days or you the insured customer received the next month's premium free of charge.
5. Women received the same rate as men. Here in the U.S.A. women can pay as much as 47% more than a man her age. In fact in these countries everyone pays the same monthly premium. Many base their rates by age groups. 
6. All insurance companies must offer a basic plan which they cannot make a profit on. European health insurance companies make money and their executives are healthy (not fat) and happy with their profits. Those people or families who need financial help receive it. Heck we already are doing that through the Wood County Health Department Clinic, hospital emergency rooms and various state and federal assistance programs. 
7. The average European insurance company averages less than 5% administration costs, American companies average close to 20%.
8. All insurance companies are allowed to sell a supplement policy for profit.
9. Insurance companies negotiate with providers, hospitals, clinics and doctors to base their rates on. The insurance commissions either accept or reject the agreement.
10. Their prescription plans are based upon negotiated prices, just like the Canadians and VA have.
11. Some will say Europeans don't have employer coverage. So? Write the law to have employer coverage. Just about every president has seen this problem since before WWII and we still haven't solved it. Maybe it's time to do it.
Why are we more concerned about the insurance companies welfare than our own families, friends and neighbors? Costs. A 100% private system still costs more than a non-profit single pay system. If you don't want a single pay system then support a 100% private insurance system. After all, it's money out of your pocket and it's your choice what you want, not a congressman's or radio entertainer's. After all they already have access to the best plans available,
John Turkal
Bowling Green


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