To the Editor: Woman wants more plowing, less towing of vehicles in BG
Written by Kala Barcus   
Wednesday, 05 February 2014 11:02
I am very disappointed with the actions taken regarding another snow emergency on Feb. 2 in Bowling Green.
Yes, I live on a snow street. Yes, I failed to move my vehicle after a snow emergency was declared - not because of deliberate negligence but because I was unaware an emergency had been declared.
Yes, I received both a citation and had my car towed.
Bowling Green City Website: "The decision to declare this emergency is based on snowfall received in Bowling Green overnight and in recognition that significant snowfall may occur by mid-week."
I am wondering why this was necessary. Not only was this a pre-emptive towing in preparation for future storms, not necessarily current conditions, but the "plowing" on our street lacked … well, plowing. We almost slid through a stop sign on our street coming home from church and grocery shopping to find our car towed. And those same conditions remained this morning. If the city had no plans to salt and plow our street in a thorough and efficient manner, I am hard pressed to find a reason to cite us with a ticket and remove our car at a hefty towing fee (over $100).
This winter has been one of blistering cold, unusually significant snow fall, and more school cancellations than any teacher or parent would wish for. What I would like to see is for the city to pour its resources into salting and plowing the streets, sidewalks, and store parking lots rather than using this as a money maker by towing residential cars on side streets.
A lady picking up her car at the same time as us from the tow lot had her car towed as well. Twice. In one day. This seems absurd and unnecessary.
The level was lifted at 4 p.m. and conditions appeared the same as when it was declared. Winter is not nearly over; warnings posted on cars before towing, a larger window of time to move, a more effective alert system of snow emergencies and levels declared, and simply cutting us a break would be nice.
Kala Barcus
Bowling Green

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