To the Editor: Why are these 7 items out of sync with charter?
Written by Sally Medbourn Mott   
Wednesday, 31 July 2013 09:19
To the Editor:

If the oil and gas industry is more likely to be drilling for oil than fracking for gas in and around Bowling Green [Geologist Robert Vincent, Sentinel-Tribune, 7/26/2013, p. 5], it becomes even more urgent to get the Citizens' Bill of Rights petition on the ballot, doesn't it?  So that everybody, instead of just a few, has a voice in the matter?
I can't imagine what will happen to our property values if there is unlimited, unregulated oil drilling going on inside and around the city.
Since the state has denied city councils and local communities control of all oil and gas industry activity, this amendment to the city charter might be one way to give some control back to the city and to ordinary citizens.
I'm not sure why the seven items listed in the proposed amendment are "totally out of sync" with our city charter [Mayor Edwards, Sentinel-Tribune, July 26, p. 5].
1. Right to Pure Water
2. Right to Clean Air
3. Right to Peaceful Enjoyment of Home
4. Right to preserve wetlands, streams, rivers, aquifers, and other water systems
5. Right to develop, produce and use energy from renewable and sustainable fuel sources
6. Right to the fundamental and inalienable right to a form of government which recognizes that power is inherent in the people, that all free governments are founded on the people's authority and consent, and that corporate entities and their directors and managers shall not enjoy special privileges or powers under the law which make community majorities subordinate to them.
7. The right to protect the above-listed rights [contains a list of regulations regarding oil and gas development within the city limits and legal ramifications if the rights are violated]
Maybe it's Item #6 that the mayor feels is "totally out of sync," since it might upset the status quo for the administration, realtors and various corporations who have heretofore enjoyed "special privileges and powers" in Bowling Green?
And indeed, not being allowed to continue keeping the majority of citizens voiceless and "subordinate" would be especially unsettling.
Welcome to American democracy, gentlemen.

Sally Medbourn Mott
Bowling Green

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