To the Editor: Wayne man says Owens college charged for class he didn't take
Written by Ryan Hatton   
Wednesday, 10 July 2013 09:13
On June 12th, 2013 I received a letter in the mail from Owens Community College stating that I owed $437.43 for the 2013 spring semester. In December of 2012 I signed up for two classes and dropped them early January before the 'drop-off' deadline. I did this on January 13th and successfully web-dropped both a QCT course and a English course to my best knowledge. Later I logged on and had to re-drop the English class due to a bug in the website that kept it from being dropped on the first attempt. This was apparently on Jan. 18th and past the drop-off deadline. I have had many issues with the Owens ozone website as it is frequented with bugs and other problems. Sometimes I would not be able to log on. Because the "computer records" claim which date I supposedly web-dropped courses and with no "documentation" to prove there was a malfunction with the website, Owens claims that I owe 30% of the fees for the English course. I had attempted to contact their tech support on many occasions to no avail. I was not aware of this problem until I received the letter on June 12th and had not been able to access my ozone account in prior months. I simply gave up because to my best knowledge, I had already web-dropped my courses successfully and before the deadline. I have spoken with someone over the phone, e-mail, and in person but Owens still won't consider reducing the bill to the proper amount. I mailed in a petition for appeal of fees on June 6th and on July 3rd received a letter from the Manager of Student Conduct stating that I have been issued a disciplinary warning. To this day, Owens has concluded that I owe the full $437.43 based on their "records," and have issued a disciplinary action against me on account of the discourse that this case has spawned. I had an argument with an Owens advocate over the phone who was equally rude and abrasive by shouting over me and ignoring what I had to say, and probably reported me out of spite. Owens has shown that not only will they remain adamant in their position on this case, but that they will make a point in punishing me for refusing to pay the incorrect balance.
Ryan Hatton

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