To the Editor: Wants Obama to set the unborn free
Written by Pastor Chris Boggs   
Wednesday, 30 January 2013 10:43
The movie about Abraham Lincoln is a sobering reminder of how laws can run counter to what is just and right.  
Slavery, legal before the 13th Amendment, permitted the sale and abuse, and even murder of thousands of black.  Those who owned them justified their actions through the false belief that slaves were inferior to whites and therefore incapable of self-determination.  
Hitler employed a similar tactic by casting the Jews as a sub-human race, thus permitting his "final solution" to eradicate more than 1 million lives.  Since Roe V. Wade, more than 50 million babies have been "legally" killed, the overwhelming majority as a matter of convenience.  
I've heard all the justifications for the dismemberment and disposal of the unborn by those who claim it is technically not a baby until it is born and breathing on its own.  Medical science says otherwise and with the refinement of ultra-sound technology the evidence is overwhelming.  At 10-12 weeks we can watch the heart beat, the kidneys function. We can count the vertebrae and see the lungs and circulatory system.  Whatever one may choose to call it, it's alive and sensitive to what goes on in the womb and beyond.  We may convince ourselves that it is less-than-human in order to salve our collective conscience but it can never absolve us from our guilt for taking innocent life.  And there's the rub.  
Whoever has the power also bears the responsibility to exercise justice upon the powerless.  If anyone should understand this, it seems that America's first black president should.  In our nation's soiled past, for many the road to wealth and power was paved upon the lash-scarred backs of slaves. Now the shoe is on the other foot and it appears that the road to power is paved in part upon the bodies of millions of tiny babies.  How troubling our inability to learn from history.  Some people are comparing Barak Obama to Abraham Lincoln.  If that is the case then I pray that he will do for the unborn what Lincoln did for the slave: set them free and allow them to take their place in the world.  
Pastor Chris Boggs

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