To the Editor: Walbridge woman criticizes Latta, Republican Congress
Written by Joann Schiavone   
Wednesday, 05 February 2014 11:24
I want to thank our President for the State of the Union address. He pointed out how this useless Republican Congress voted down everything he brought to the table ... and yet Latta accused the President of the same "rhetoric and empty promises they we have grown accustomed to." Latta, you voted everything down, you and your useless members of congress.
I have to laugh at you and clowns who closed down our government and try to hold the affordable care act hostage. And in turn we lost over 38 billion dollars over your action.
Perhaps Latta needs to stop with the lies about the health care because over 8 million people now have health care. These people never had the health care during the Bush administration, but Latta never voted down anything that Bush proposed ... weapons of mass destruction that was never found ... no health plan in place ... poor job performance as leader of our country.
I have yet to hear on Latta's phone meetings any positive comments pertaining to our president ... like taking us out of a recession that Bush put us in.
What have you done for us Latta? You voted down women's rights. You voted down the unemployment insurance you just let expire for 1.6 million people.
So did you raise the tax rate for the rich? You and your Republican Congress voted down raising minimum wage. How about building roads, bridges, so new business come in and put our people to work ... you voted that down.
Our President has challenged congress to work with him on a policy initiatives on jobs, wages, education, and energy. So where is it that he failed? You and your Republican Congress have failed us. You are all so busy trying to make our president look bad that you have failed the American people.
You and your group of useless congress need to go. Latta it is your turn to stand in line for unemployment. Oh wait, you just got rid of it. Sorry no more money from us, you never earn the money we have paid you all. Beware seniors, Senator Portman and Latta and his merrymen Congress are coming after our Social Security and our Medicare.
Joann Schiavone

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