To the Editor: Walbridge resident questions GOP efforts
Written by Joann Schiavone   
Wednesday, 13 November 2013 10:52
Give only the facts:
In response to Swartz's comments pertaining to Latta ... Fact 1) According to study by the Center for American Progress, an additional 60,000 jobs were lost when republicans slashed funding for law enforcement, clean up at nuclear weapons production facilities, and the Federal Buildings Fund for the General Services Administration. Fact 2) This caused a secondary impact of a wide array of businesses ranging from automobile producers to local restaurants and dry cleaning establishments etc., causing the disappearance of additional jobs. Fact 3) Republicans are voting against any legislation that might create a job. The Republican Party doesn't care that millions of their constituents are suffering. They are trying to defeat and demean President Obama and win elections in congress.
Fact 4) House Republicans are literally creating unemployment with their policies. Besides their spending cuts, the House GOP voted for three separate bills that would kill 1.9 million jobs, H.R. 1, H.R. 2, and H.Con Res. 34. When you add in the 2 million jobs that House republicans are not creating by refusing to vote on the American Jobs Act, and the 370,000 killed by spending cuts, the total is 4.27 million jobs that the GOP is either refusing to create or has killed.
Fact 5) Over 20 percent of the nation's unemployment could be back to work if Republicans would embrace job creation instead of job killing. Republicans are prolonging the recession for political gain. After more than two years of these tactics, this fact is no longer a shock or a surprise. It's reality. Latta has voted for the above and continues to be a wimp for the teabaggers.  Apparently Swartz approves what Latta voted for. He mentioned he is doing a great job?
If House Republicans won't let the American people find a job, then the only thing to do is make sure that they lose theirs.
Joann Schiavone

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