To the Editor: Ultra-liberal judges criticized
Written by Harold Chapman   
Wednesday, 11 September 2013 09:38
From Jesus: John 7:24 "Judge not according to the appearance; but judge 'righteous' judgment."
Recently, a divorce judge ordered a man to pay child-support for 3 children that were not his, even though his wife had committed adultery (a sin unto death, Ex. 20:14) with at least 3 different men. The judge said he was "looking out for the welfare of the children."
More recently, a man that was convicted of murder, (a sin unto death, Ex. 20:13) and sentenced to 30 years to life, said he wanted a sex-change, because he "felt like a woman." A judge granted his request.
Does anyone out there know who is going to pay for that procedure?
You and I; the taxpayers!
And that bothers me.
Even more recently, we have that convicted felon, Bradley Manning, (sentenced to serve 35 years, for seriously endangering hundreds of thousands of our men and women in uniform, by leaking sensitive information) saying that he wants to be a woman, also.
Who do you think will pay for that thing?
See above.
Manning's defense attorney had the gall to say that if the Pentagon does not honor Manning's "request," he is going to do everything in his power to make sure that they are "forced" to do so.
Excuse the hell out of me?
How do you "force" someone to honor a "request?"
With a threatened lawsuit, of course.
Although Manning could be paroled in as little as 7 years, and pay for this procedure himself; he and his lawyer seemed to have seized upon this opportunity to have us taxpayers foot the bill.
The A.C.L.U. and the "Human" (read: GAY) Rights Campaign chimed in by saying that Manning, "deserves" the treatment:---well then, why don't "they" pay for it. After all, he "is" one of them.
Concerning these ultra-liberal judges: Who gave them the authority to "legislate from the bench?"
Their job is "not" to interpret the law, but to go "by" the law!
But they do it anyway.
Folks: The end is near.
Just kidding!
Harold Chapman
Bowling Green

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