To the Editor: Solutions sought for ongoing flooding issues
Written by Dean and Kay Zeisloft   
Wednesday, 12 June 2013 09:25
We sit looking at the Blanchard River Watershed Study maps that are on the Army Corps Buffalo District's website and wonder how this is helping the flooding problem in Hancock County.
The Flood of 2007 produced 82 billion gallons of water that passed through Findlay according to the Northwest Ohio Flood Mitigation Partnership. We all now know where it floods in a 100 year flood.
If the proposed diversion channel happens, all that is going to change. People that have never been flooded before will be. It switches the flooding problem to another group of people.
You cannot ditch away 82 billion gallons of water. It will go somewhere. Lye Creek and the Blanchard River still flow through town which means it will still flood. Findlay is built in a low area and water will seek its own level.
If you look at the map, there could be a possibility that the Blanchard River and Lye Creek (east of Findlay) area could receive a huge amount of rain and flood town.
Then the diversion channel was for nothing. Also there is a 1% chance of a 2007 flood happening every year. You are asking rural areas to sacrifice every day of every year permanently.
The Army Corps has stated in the Courier (December 31, 2012) that every $1 spent on the flood project there maybe a $2 return. The losses of rural homeowners and agricultural businesses affected by the diversion channel have been completely left out.
The Blanchard River didn't magically stay within its banks on the west side of Findlay. It seems to us that one side of the story is being left out. Millions of dollars to flood others is not a solution.
Strategically widening and cleaning out the river to help the water get away faster starting at the mouth of the river so we do not add to Ottawa's flood issues is a good place start.

Dean and Kay Zeisloft

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