To the Editor: Pro-life stance not limited to Catholics
Written by Carol Tyson   
Wednesday, 12 February 2014 10:04
On January 23rd the Sentinel ran an AP article, Abortion Protestors Rally. In reading the article, I felt it gave the impression that being pro-life is solely a Catholic issue. I was part of a Catholic group at the March, however, at the March, I saw banners and signs representing other groups, including North American Lutherans for Life, Secularists for Life, and Episcopalians for Life. I searched the web and found many other groups who had pictures of involvement in the March for Life including Southern Baptists for Life and New Wave Feminists for Life. I also found websites for other pro-life groups, not necessarily participating in the March: Feminists for Life, Jewish Pro-Life Foundation, Pro-Life Muslims; Libertarians for Life; Pro-Life Humanists; Pro-Life Atheists and Agnostics, etc.
A common thread on pro-life websites is acknowledgment that a human being exists from the moment of conception; that he/she along with his/her mother has human rights; that society benefits when women are supported to carry their babies to term; and society must provide support and assistance to women so abortion is not an option.
When Roe v Wade legalized abortion, the "pro-abortion" activists were quick to suggest advantages to society. There would be less child abuse and neglect if only wanted children were born, and women would be free to make decisions for their own lives without depending on men. As a retired professional who worked in the mental health field and in the schools for 30 years, I observed that neither of these have been realized. We cannot devalue some life without devaluing all. Women are often making the decision to have an abortion because they feel they have no choice. They are often abandoned by or threatened with abandonment by men who prefer they abort. It is women who sometimes have to live with problems after abortion. For example, a 2010 British Journal of Psychiatry study indicated that, overall, women who aborted experienced an 81% increased risk for mental health problems; a fact sheet from the Breast Cancer Prevention Institute October 2011 lists induced abortion as a breast cancer risk; and an article in The American Journal of Obstetrics and Gynecology acknowledged abortions in the first and second trimesters to be associated with an increased risk of subsequent spontaneous preterm birth.
Carol Tyson
Bowling Green

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