To the Editor: Perrysburg man critical of treatment at BG Muni Court
Written by Corey LeRoux   
Wednesday, 24 July 2013 09:17
Like many, I have made some mistakes in my past.  A ticket here and there, etc. Pay the fine and move on.  I’ve never been on trial for murder.
However, for my most recent transgression I was unable to pay on time due to some personal circumstances.  Unfortunately, the week that I was to “pay or appear” I was scheduled to be in southern Illinois as part of work crew...
I called and asked what I could do to remain legal and was told to come in on any Monday or Wednesday at 1:00pm.  The following week I arranged for time away from work.  I departed my Perrysburg workplace, arriving at the BG courthouse around 12:45.  However, upon entering the Clerk’s office I was then informed that I could not be heard because “the docket is full.”  I began to suggest that the clerk’s office should inform the public that these hearings may fill up...
“It would have been nice to know...” and then was interrupted by someone else.
“...That’s why we suggest making your scheduled court date,” She barked.
“I understand that, which is why I called in two weeks ago ...” I then attempted to inform the now two employees that it was difficult to take time off work.  They interrupted; rudely responded; and dismissed me as a bother.  I left being treated like a hardened criminal.  Furious, I headed back to work.
Expecting an apology for being rude, I called and spoke to the clerk.  Unapologetically, she explained that they receives numerous phone calls and cannot be expected to suggest calling in.  I received a sarcastic “I’m sorry you felt that way” once I was prodded with, “what you would like ME to do about it?”
I write not to bash any individual, but to expose a virus of mentality that is spreading across the country.  That is, the ideology that as a government official one is superior to those who work “normal” jobs.
While I’m sure sitting in an air conditioned office for 8 hours can be tough, there’s no excuse for being discourteous when someone has failed (or refuses) to do their job correctly.  If a few extra phone calls make your day more stressful, I suggest dealing with it because there are others who are struggling to make a real difference who would appreciate the respect you demand.
Corey LeRoux

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