To the Editor: Park levy renewal good for BG
Written by Kent Strange, Vice-chair BG Board of Parks and Recreation   
Friday, 03 May 2013 08:54
To the Editor:
Over time, when the infrastructure of grounds and buildings are exposed to the elements and used by an active public, maintenance will be required. The Bowling Green Parks and Recreation renewal levy will help maintain the quality of recreational opportunities that the citizens of BG and surrounding environs have come to expect and deserve.
As a board member representing the public I can report that doing more with less has been practiced by Parks and Rec since I can remember. With no increase in staffing since 2006 the Community Center’s membership has doubled. The last 6 years of declining property values have reduced the levy 10% and the weak economy has reduced revenues another 20 percent. Not to mention the raise in minimum wage increases the seasonal staffing costs to nearly $100,000 since 2007.
Numbers aside, there is an intrinsic value in having programs and space designed to increase our physical and mental wellbeing.
Our changing world can fill the senses to the point of exhaustion. Sometimes making the conscious decision to get out and move or intentionally learn something useful is a challenge, especially when there so much distracting minutia virtually at your finger tips. But when it’s time to get up and go, we are fortunate to have places for family reunions, parks and gardens to walk and run in, a water park for just plain fun, and a place for our kids to learn traditions that a few hot summers of playing baseball can instill. We have an educational program that teaches us about our environment and its rich ecological history, how to practice conservation and be good stewards of the actual world around us. Don’t you think that’s worth maintaining?
The levy will not increase taxes. It will keep the parks, structures and programs we have been proud to share for decades with our families, friends and neighbors, available for the next generation. That’s fiscal responsibility.

Kent Strange
BG Board of Parks and Recreation

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