To the Editor: Opposes Obama's gun-ban schemes
Written by Doyle H. Phillips   
Wednesday, 17 April 2013 10:03
The psychologist Abraham Maslow once observed that sick people are the products of a sick society. This truism has never been more apparent than in the Sandy Hook shooting and its aftermath; where a depraved person murdered 26 innocent people, and for the past several months, equally depraved individuals have been using this isolated incident to further their own extremist political agenda.
Leading the charge has been one Barack Hussein Obama, America's favorite country club Marxist. His Fast and Furious scheme to funnel guns to the Mexican drug cartels having blown up in his face, Obama has seized upon the Sandy Hook shooting with a vengeance only the true gun-ban fanatic will ever know.
One sees Obama jetting around the country in full campaign mode, jonesing for a ban on military style rifles, despite the fact that such weapons were banned from 1994-2004 with absolutely no impact on the violent crime rate.
If Obama were genuinely interested in reducing crimes committed by the mentally ill, he would instead be advocating reform of the laws governing the institutionalization of the such people.
Of course this would not sit well with one of his pet organizations, the ACLU, which believes that locking up the Adam Lanzas of the world would infringe on their civil liberties.
In spite of the public's widespread opposition to Obama's gun-ban schemes, he presses on, obviously more motivated to slavishly serve the agenda of multi-billionaire elitist Michael Bloomberg than to serve the people who elected him.
The Loony Left will insist that banning guns is the most urgent issue before our government today, but one is tempted to think that if Obama devoted the same time and energy to lowering the unemployment rate that he does to infringing on our constitutional rights, the nation would be better off.
Doyle H. Phillips
Jerry City

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