To the Editor: Ohio gun law change would be a mistake
Written by W.E. Feeman Jr, MD   
Wednesday, 06 November 2013 11:33
I guess that the legislators down in Columbus have failed to learn the lessons of history. The history of the USA is replete with examples of communities and their efforts to control violence - especially gun violence - and make the streets safe for their citizens. The "Wild West" was called that for a reason: any gun toting low-life could kill any decent citizen any time he/she wanted. That's why the communities had Peace Officers, to prevent such scenarios.
The Constitution allows people to "bear arms."  But those "arms" were black powder muskets and pistols, not assault rifles. Besides, even if one has an assault rifle, any attacker can kill any person if he/she gets the drop on the victim. Police officers, who are fully armed, have been killed in their patrol cars or ambushed by people who drew first. Furthermore, if a criminal believes that you have a gun, don't you think that he/she will shoot first rather than take a chance on being shot himself/herself? Do we really want shoot-outs in the streets? That's what will happen if the Ohio legislators get their way.
In light of all the murders, intentional and otherwise, that go on, I again ask all the gun-addicts:  How many people have to die because you get off on packing heat? Don't you have a conscience? Don't the bodies of school children gunned down in their schools bother you. Or do you define yourself, your machismo, in terms of the size of the gun in your hands: the bigger the gun, the greater your machismo. Don't be fooled by NRA propaganda - remember, the NRA gets paid to do what it does.
For those of the readers who do not so define themselves, who consider themselves law-abiding citizens, remember that many of the killers of our citizens are apparently stable people who, for one reason or another, just snap and if they have a gun in their hands will shot someone, or even a number of people. I can remember a time when I would have done that if I had had a gun ready.
I am sure that I will get some - even a lot - of hate mail over this letter.  When one interferes with a person's addiction, emotions get riled up. But if you think about it, you will see that I am right.
W.E. Feeman Jr, MD
Bowling Green

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