To the Editor: Objects to article on 'traditional prayer'
Written by Steve Baney, Bowling Green   
Wednesday, 27 March 2013 09:57
I respectfully object to the article published on March 22 entitled "A traditional prayer for Good Friday."
The article suggests a number of false claims, including
• The idea that this prayer is a tradition of the Church
• The idea that praying for something 33 times will magically make it happen
• The idea that "Jesus promised that whatever a person asks of Him during His three hours of agony, He will grant."
If a particular congregation or denomination has developed the tradition of praying this prayer based upon a non-biblical claim, then the article should reflect which specific congregation has such a tradition, and not suggest that it is a tradition of the Church world-wide. Not only does the article fail to identify which congregation or denomination maintains this tradition, it also fails to identify the source of the information. It says the editor received it from a colleague. From whom?
While the Bible does mention the value in persistent and continual prayer (see Luke 18 and 1 Thessalonians 5:17), it never suggests anything about praying 33 times, as the article claims.
Jesus never made any such promise to do whatever a person asks if they pray for it a given number of times on Good Friday. If a person wants to learn what Jesus said, they should read the Bible, not the Sentinel-Tribune.
I have friends and colleagues who hold a variety of religious beliefs. While I recognize that their religious beliefs and practices differ from mine, I never suggest that my ideas or traditions are held by their church or religion. Unfortunately, this is exactly what the poorly written article did: suggesting that a non-biblical idea is held by the Church at large.
It is a beautiful prayer, a good prayer, that asks for God's help based upon Jesus' blood, divinity, and all that was accomplished by his death on the cross.
For someone to suggest we should pray such a prayer is a good thing. But for the article to suggest a magical guaranteed response and to put words into Jesus' mouth is poor journalism.

Steve Baney, Bowling Green

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