To the Editor: Nation's leaders should work together
Written by Herb Dettmer   
Wednesday, 05 February 2014 11:01
With all the unrest we see in the world today, "Arab Spring", protests everywhere, economies in trouble, the middle class slowly (rapidly?) falling into poverty, I wonder if, or when, this will happen here in the USA? The leaders of the countries of the world, including ours, are not solving problems. They may be in fact causing many of them. Why else do people protest, riot, and even rebel? The heavy handed response, of governments, to the people is not the answer.
Differences of opinion are normal in any society. But when these differences are ignored and belittled by those in power, problems develop. These problems fester and grow into the chaos that we see in the Middle East, in Southeast Asia, Africa, countries of the former Soviet Union and elsewhere.
Leadership in any organization, business, or country should - must - work for the benefit of all, not just for few who agree with them. Disagreements must be listened to and a solution worked out. Opinions must be respected even if we don't agree with them. There is so much division in our country and far too little is being accomplished. A perfect example is the U.S. Congress. Our national "leaders" are not serving we the people and I fear that, we the people may take things into their own hands, and not just at the ballot box. It is my sincere desire this won't happen. I would hope that the American people have learned that violence won't solve problems. I also hope our leaders - present and future - will work together for the benefit of all of us, keeping in mind the principles of freedom and liberty.
Herb Dettmer
Bowling Green

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