To the Editor: Minimum wage less than welfare
Written by Byron Swartz   
Wednesday, 04 September 2013 09:34
I believe I have finally found the answer to the lack of motivation for people wanting a job. In a recent article published by several major news networks, it is now FACT that people in 35 states make more on welfare than they would in a minimum wage job. One of these states is Ohio. You see, it's simple economics. When a person has the choice to make $7.25 at a fast-food restaurant or $15 an hour (yes, you did that figure right) on welfare, anyone in their right mind would take the $15 an hour.
By no means am I suggesting an end to welfare. Because I'm not. But I do think that if you are receiving public assistance, it's not asking much for a copy of a set amount of job applications per month to prove that you are indeed trying to get out of the poor situation. Also, raising minimum wage to $8.50 for people over 18 while lowering minimum wage to $5 for those under 18 (and limiting the hours they can work as well as eliminating all tax burdens for those under 18, because if one can't run for any public office under 18, why should they have to pay taxes.) while reducing welfare to what equals to $10 an hour (gradually) and then continuing to gradually reduce the rate depending on the time one is on the system, doesn't seem like asking too much.
It's the small things like this, that are causing the decay in my generation (I'm 16) to have any motivation to work for a living. We can begin the "healing process", but we need to start soon.
Byron Swartz

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