To the Editor: Maurer urged to debate school levy in town forum
Written by Adrian Smith   
Thursday, 25 April 2013 09:52
Since 2008 BGCS has cut 31 teaching positions.
They have closed and sold South Main School, the old bus garage, the old Junior High, the old Central Administration Building, and Milton School. Ridge School will close at the end of school.
They have frozen the base salary for all teachers and other employees for the last two years, reduced extended time, reduced supplemental contracts by not filling those positions, reduced supply budgets, eliminated staff appreciation measures and eliminated the HVAC position.
Replaced vacancies were hired at lower salaries. This cost management both in efficiency in buildings and managing expenditures was not due to any past mismanagement but rather to address decreased state funding which in the same time period was reduced $1.3 million from $6.4 to the current $5.1 million. (Source: ODE (Ohio Dept of Ed) SF-3 Reports)
Nevertheless, these tough decisions have been met with derision, skepticism, half-truths, lies, and now underhandedness, harassment, and outright intimidation by the naysayers in this community.
While many go by aliases in the Sentinel blogs and refuse to list the members of the 'Committee for Financial Responsibility', there is one who has identified himself and that is Robert Maurer. Last Wednesday he requested the W-2 earning statements of more than 50 teachers while already having been provided a list of all BGCS employees and their salaries. He now has in his possession personal information including charitable donations such as United Way and teacher investments in personal retirement tools such as annuities and IRA's. While we are challenging the legality of this, a bigger moral and ethical question arises. Why is he harassing teachers?
Furthermore, there is a rumor that he has sent letters to renters that their rent will increase if the levy passes. We have received three calls verifying this but the renters are afraid to send us the letter. Why the intimidation?
We've challenged the CFR to a town hall forum with a mutually agreed upon moderator to discuss the issues of the levy but they refuse to respond. We again request that he stop the dirty tricks and participate in free and open debate. He has brought the venom of national politics to BG. In different words but the same spirit and emotion of the late Ronald Reagan we say "Mr. Maurer - tear down those signs", show yourself, and in true American tradition, debate the issues.
Adrian Smith
Bowling Green

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