To the Editor: Man opposes move to digitize all books
Written by Harold Chapman   
Wednesday, 20 March 2013 10:51
A writer wrote about 2 years ago, to a national monthly magazine, suggesting that we should go the way of the world - and digitize all the books on earth, (presumably to save the trees) because everything, (all information) is going to be on the Internet, anyway!
Bad idea.
The Internet can be manipulated.
Think hackers, viruses, and such.
The (hardcopy) printed word, cannot. Once printed.
I have studied from 17 different versions of the Bible, and thought I was fairly well-versed in scripture, until a lovely niece of mine recently pulled out her Uber-smart phone, and found a list of 149 different English-language Bibles!
I was amazed! I never realized there were so many!
And then I became horribly frightened!
The one version of the Bible that I have chosen to be the most accurate, of those I've studied in the last 30 years - was "not" on that list!
That tells me there are at least "150" English-language Bibles.
But why wasn't my Authorized K.J.V. - Self-pronouncing, red-letter edition, on that list?
Someone decided, arbitrarily, to leave that version, off their list.
There is actually a "politically correct" "gender neutral" version out there that changes the phrase "daughters of Abraham" into "descendents of Abraham!"
You do not know if they are talking male or female, or both. And that version's point - is confusing.
Having told my entire family that this version I study was the most accurate, (simply because the words are never different, or changed) I started feeling a little awkward.
About a year later, my viewpoint was vindicated when my wife, (who goes yard-selling most Saturdays) brought home 2 old Bibles she bought at a garage sale.
One was printed in 1898.
The other was printed in 1869.
What is extremely interesting to me is: word-for-word, these two "ancient" Bibles read exactly what my 1987 (printed year) version reads.
I would never had been able to prove by Biblical viewpoints - from the Internet.
Do no go totally digital, (like Newsweek did) with everything.
Harold Chapman
Bowling Green

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