To the Editor: Liberals think Big Brother knows best
Written by Jim Fox   
Thursday, 13 August 2009 08:10
This is in response to " Where were all the Tea Parties when Bush outspent Clinton?".
 I recently attended my second Tea Party. I would like to clear up some misunderstandings about these gatherings. The first being that they are just arbitrary attacks on President Obama and the second being that they are misunderstandings of the nature of our freedoms and rights.
The Constitution spells out the enumerated powers and responsibilities of the federal government and the states. We all understand the need of  funding for the basic operation of the government.
What we object to is the out of control spending on bogus legislation. We are average hard working Americans that realize we have been sold out by both parties. We are looking for leaders to step forward that are true conservatives. People that know this country's history and want to see it governed in line with the Constitution and the founding documents. We want limited government and a representative republic.
 In response to the question on the Tea Parties and George Bush, trust me, that is when they started brewing. Bush was wrong on several issues including amnesty for illegals, the prescription drug program, and the stimulus bill just to name a few.
The main issue now is, this administration is overloading the system with legislation so that we can't keep up with it, much less read it. The debt continues to pile up so fast that we will pass this on to our grandchildren or great grandchildren and that is not acceptable.
Our current government wants control of everything they can get their hands on and the power that comes with that control. Thomas Paine said "The government is best that governs least".
I would challenge Mr. Santino to check out the first taxes imposed by our founders. It was signed July 4th, 1789 by George Washington and none of the constituents were taxed. It was all on imports from other countries. James Madison said "A national revenue must be obtained; but the system must be such a one, that, while it secures the objective of revenue it shall not be oppressive to our constituents".
 As far as us wanting to keep more of our own money, it's all our money anyway! Since when is it a bad thing to want to keep what we work hard for and use it as we see fit, for our families and charities that we want to support?
Once again the liberals think that Big Brother knows best how to spend my money and that we are too ignorant (or not enlightened enough) to know how to spend it wisely. Well thanks anyway, but I'll continue to cling to my guns and my Bible and work hard to put real conservatives in office and restore this country back to what it was intended to be.    
Jim Fox

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