To the Editor: Leaders need to work together
Written by Herb Dettmer   
Thursday, 10 October 2013 10:40
Why are our National Leaders "fighting" over the budget, (and other problems) and blaming each other so vehemently? The President won't negotiate until he gets his way. The Democrats refuse to consider the opposing party's ideas. And the Republicans won't give up on their viewpoint.
These are mature adults. Well, they should be mature adults. They are educated, experienced and think of themselves as the answer to all our problems. In fact they are - all of them - acting like a bunch of spoiled brats on the playground. "If you won't play by my rules, nobody can play."
These are the same people who don't understand the most basic principles of life. You can't spend more money than you earn. Our nation is 17 trillion dollars in debt because of them. Remember, "it takes two to tango". We can't just the blame the Republicans for the government shutdown. The Democrats (including the President) are being stubborn and are at fault as well.
Wake up Mr. President, Senators and Congressional Representatives, listen to the people you represent. Ever hear of "We the people. . ."? We the people are not happy with the way all of you are acting. Your actions - or lack of - has shutdown this country. You are becoming the laughing stock of the world. Sit down together, work together and do your job, representing us, We the people.
Herb Dettmer
Bowling Green

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