To the Editor: It's time to change our medical care system PDF  | Print |  E-mail
Written by Earl Wm. Campbell Jr., MD   
Wednesday, 05 August 2009 08:54
Is your health care plan as good as that of your senator or congressman? If your job disappeared tomorrow or your property was foreclosed, how would you afford care for a heart by-pass or prolonged cancer chemotherapy? In case you believe you are protected from such an occurrence, what about your son, your daughter, your neighbor, or a high school classmate?
46 million of our fellow citizens are uninsured, premiums for health care are quadrupling, and half of all personal bankruptcies come from health care costs. If we can not change this, than we face a more profound bankruptcy - moral bankruptcy. How is it that we can wage wars, but not take care of our fellow citizens?
Let's take this opportunity to change our dysfunctional medical care system now. Let's encourage our congressional representatives and senators to support health care legislation in the Congress now. Make certain that your health insurance and that of all citizens is as good as those officials whose health insurance is in fact paid by the government.
How do your congressional representatives stand on this issue?
Earl Wm. Campbell Jr., MD
Prof. emeritus, Medicine
University of Toledo School of Medicine