To the Editor: Health care reform needs public option
Written by Emily Ann Dauterman   
Friday, 09 October 2009 08:35
The American voter has often voted against his/her self interest despite Thomas Jefferson's words "Merchants have no country," (because profit is their only motive) and Eisenhower's warnings about the industrial/military complex. The U.S. used to be the envy of the world with its policies and upwardly mobile society. Now, we are on a downward spiral and our beloved Constitution has been nearly destroyed all in the name of greed and power.
The merchants not only sell, they buy - legislators and legislation.
Today we can hear Rep. John Boehner recite the mantra "tax cut, de-regulation." Beginning with Reagan, the upper 5% of the population and corporations got both. To simplify, the tax cuts and other incentives eased the movement of manufacturing to countries where they could get slave-waged help, then, services began to be out-sourced.
The de-regulations in the financial areas caused a financial collapse and robbed many citizens of their retirement funds. De-regulations have also resulted in unsafe food and medicine, less safe work environments, more dangers to our environment. We're left with part-time jobs at sub-living wage, just debt, bankruptcy and foreclosure.
It is no coincidence that the organizers of tea parties and town hall disturbances against health service reform are not only connected with insurance companies, but also to the big oil and coal industries. The latter are readying their demands. They, too, will use hate and fear to protect their profit.
Without the public option there will be no health care reform. Where are all the Christians and Pro-life adherents? Christ said whoever did not do unto the least of them gets eternal punishment. Does "life" only last 280 gestational days?
Emily Ann Dauterman

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