To the Editor: Health care bill concerns voiced
Written by Cindy Morlock   
Friday, 21 August 2009 08:27
Be afraid, be very afraid ! The health care bill that our congress is currently considering passing is a monstrosity of ambiguities and government mandates. You should be very afraid for yourselves as well as your parents and grandparents. This bill mandates everyone who is on social security to undergo counseling sessions every 5 years talking about end of life alternatives. Your loved one would be subjected to this humility in an attempt to decide if that person's life is worth trying to save or not. Also, this bill has a provision in it for providing abortions. (there is no sanctity of life in this current administration!) Ultimately we will all be under the government's thumb and be at the mercy of their rules and laws regarding our own health care. Don't believe what the mainstream media is telling you that this bill only gives you a choice and that you can keep your current health care plan. A single payer system is the ultimate goal of this socialist president; he has been quoted as saying so many times. Also, ask your congress person if he/she would be willing to require members of congress be included in this bill. They would laugh in your face.
In summary, this healthcare bill is just another way this current administration is trying to take our freedom from us. Check out the facts for yourself.
Cindy Morlock
Bowling Green

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