To the Editor: Haskins man offers lessons on history of Second Amendment
Written by George "Bill" Davisson   
Wednesday, 11 December 2013 10:10
The problem with gun control activists is that most don't know their history. The second amendment was included in the Constitution to allow the American citizen an opportunity to defend himself and his family from any oppressive action instigated by their government. The colonies had just won a war against England to free itself from oppressive taxation. The taxes were the result of the high cost of the French and Indian War. England determined it to be in their best interest to transfer that burden to the colonies.
Because the colonies didn't have the means to accept that burden, they protested. That protest turned into a war of independence. The right to bear arms is a constitutional guarantee that the federal government will not have the ability to oppress the American citizenry with unacceptable mandates similar to those attempted by England.
So, the argument that hunters don't need AR-15's to hunt deer has absolutely nothing to do with the second amendment of the Constitution. The bearing of arms should include AR-15's and all larger arms that would help the citizenry protect themselves from any governmental action of extreme tyranny or oppressive dominance. Additionally, the United States likely has the largest privately armed army in the world, a fact not lost when invasion is considered by any foreign countries.
George "Bill" Davisson

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